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  1. by Leonard Bosman

    Good evening Headmistress I’m a southa African myself, wow you have a fantastic website, I wish you could be my headmistress back in the Victorian days , I’m
    A coloured , having you dominant me, just like the old days would be a dream come true .

  2. by Governess

    Thanks for the compliment on my site. Who knows, Leonard, maybe one day I will be in your neck of the woods for a holiday again.

  3. by Sam

    Good evening Headmistress . I am from india . Headmistress i just wanna say that you are the true strict mistress . I had saw lot of mistress on internet but the are just escorts in latex clothes . Mistress you are the real dominatrix . If i ever came to london i will surely come to teach a lesson from you ..

  4. by Jim

    What are the Governess’s views on naughty lads who become “excited” during a caning?

    • by Governess

      My view is that it happens, such is the nature of naughty lads, but it should not go unpunished!

      • by Peter

        Sounds very interesting, caning has always excited me! Tell me the kind of punishment you would devise for those who like to be punished.

        • by Governess

          Even those who like to be punished can be pushed to the point where it is not a pleasure anymore.

  5. by archiebaker

    Mistress woulf u use a strap on and do me if I meet you? X

  6. by archiebaker

    Mistrss would u use a strap on to me

    • by Governess

      No, that’s not my kink.

  7. by spencer

    Hi I’ve had many things.done to me,but.I would like u to tie me up in v boot of ur car…take me out to v country side and take me fishing…a hook straight through my Cock…

  8. by spencer

    I would like you to take me out to v country side and take my Cock fishing

  9. by Colleen

    Being raised catholic and going to private girls school does bring back memories especially when i see the governess holding that bar of soap,ready for action.Sister Mary had plenty of experience with the paddle and the soap.

    • by Governess

      Oh Colleen, I encountered a few Sisters myself and they certainly left a lasting imprint.

  10. by John

    Dear Mistress
    I have just watched your “caning therapy guilt video” Mistress!
    And I would so like that to happen to me!!!!!

  11. by Spencer Masoch

    Dear Governess,

    We are already friends on Fetlife, and I haven’t stopped dreaming of my intended trip to your place in England, wherein (and when) you will as promised, teach me an unforgettable and ultra-severe, ‘caning-emphasized-and-caning-punctuated’ lesson! Your wonderful artistry with Madame La Canne is already a well-documented matter of legend (a bit of which I someday hope to be a part); yet I must confess that I never truly knew you to be, into the venerable role and scene of Governess; for to me the figure of the stern cane wielding Governess, remains my first and (maybe) last corporal punishment administering fantasy! And who knows, but you may someday (hopefully not too far off in the future), turn her into my very sore bottom reality.

    I just hope I don’t regret it if (and hopefully when) that happens, for after all, this cane-craving journey started for me at the age of five, when my stunningly beautiful Elementary School (Form 1) female teacher (Aaaah!…the tall and bodilicious one; with the outstandingly imperious, knee-weakeningly proud, maddeningly curvy, drool-worthily enticing, and utterly full eye-popping buttocks (a magnificent bottom that she so loved to wrap her senior punishment school cane around, ever so fetchingly)), threatened in exasperation with my constant naughtiness and noisy disruption of her class, to cane my (in her words “…your…”) “…bare bottom until it bleeds…”, if I did not stop my nonsense forthwith! it’s so sad that my bratty little five year old heart cringed in fear, and I chickened out and fled for dear life, when she actually (a few weeks later) tried to keep her promise! I have often regretted running out of her classroom (and from her very long and painfully swishy koboko cane) since I became an adult, and finally embraced the deeply erotic feelings her dire threat inspired in me from that day henceforth. And have sadly searched in vain for quite a good many years now, for a true female connoisseur of the cane and bloody male bottoms (i.e. someone like you), to make good on that threat!

    Bye for now and take care! You are a very welcome addition to the Facebook Spankophilic Community! And I look forward to your postings!

    Respectfully yours,

    …Spencer M…

    Post Script: I accidentally posted this message to you from my Lady’s Facebook Profile (where I discovered yours listed under the title of “The Governess Community,” and when she finds it (and find it for sure she will), I will get a remarkably hard bare ass caning (he cringes and shudders in (and with) fear), but who knows??? Ha, ha, ha! Lol! But maybe subconsciously that is what I had in mind all along. I think her canings are nowhere near as hard as yours will be, and maybe discovering this desperate appeal to your caning kindness, may motivate her to strive for much deeper shades of RED! But sadly for now, while her “…spirit is [quite] willing, her [sadism] is weak!”

  12. by arne

    Hej…I am from Denmark. A question: if you give me 60 stroce, how hard do you beat? Arne

    • by Governess

      I beat as hard as is necessary. I would say I am quite severe.

  13. by ronaldo

    Hello Mistress I live in Northampton, I’d love to be your slave, to receive from you a good discipline, be afraid of your asking you, and serve you.

  14. by jay

    Mistress do you have a such thing as a razor strap to use on me or equivalent

    • by Governess

      I have a razor strop and indeed a prison strap which is quite similar in shape…if not in weight.

      • by david

        Although I have received many canings from a number of mistresses I have never received a severe strapping.
        Mistress would you be willing to give me 60 strokes of the prison strap and make my bottom purple and swollen?
        ( I’m guessing this is the effect! )
        I do hope you can help me as I have searched for a long time for this much deserved punishment

        • by Governess

          Yes, I can help. 60 strokes of my prison strap should leave your bottom with some deep bruises and quite swollen.

  15. by jane

    do you cater to women and you equally severe with them

    • by Governess

      Yes and yes.

  16. by Hannah

    I’m interested in coming to you for a mouth soaping. Can I ask your method/technique for giving a mouth soaping and what to expect? How long do you make them last?

    • by Hanna

      What was the answer to this??

      • by Governess

        A mouth soaping takes around 30-45 minutes to administer. I like to have the recipient kneel by the basin – filled with warm soapy water and a well soaked bar of Pears soap or Wrights Coal Tar soap – tongue out and then proceed to make sure the tongue is well lathered with the soap. I then make the recipient hold their soapy tongue in their mouth for a period of time. Then we rinse, lather, repeat. Sometimes I employ a nailbrush to scour the tongue during the mouth soaping (if I have a particularly foul mouthed miscreant to deal with) .

  17. by bisub

    I love to meet a Governess but there are none here and wont take on a bbw or fem shame your far away

    • by Governess

      That is a real shame, I love dealing with fems and bbw simply means I have more to play with!

  18. by antony

    haas governess had the thought of kidnapping a male and turning them into a slave then selling them

  19. by alex

    Dear Mistress
    Do you like to visit India?

    • by Governess

      No, I only travel to UK & EU destinations.

  20. by gary

    Hello Governess,is about a year since my last visit,where you expertly administered a good caning.I was wondering if it would be possible to be given a long handspanking across your stockinged knees,followed by a proper punishment hairbrushing applied with vigour,where i am held in position across your knee until you have finished ,despite struggles and pleas.Would this be possible?

    • by Governess

      More than possible! Get in touch via email.

    • by gary

      I can honestly say I have just had a good spanking and hairbrushing today and I am still quite red (not the same gary by the way )

  21. by joe

    I am after a caning. I am not sure if punishment or threropy is right for me. I would like to be caned but not draw blood. How hard will the caning be?

    • by Governess

      Unless previously agreed, it is never my intention to draw blood in a caning – it happens but very rarely. I can’t exactly tell you how hard the caning will be for you, as everyone reacts and processes pain differently. I can tell you a therapy caning will be hard, hard enough for you to find it extremely difficult to bear but not so hard that you cannot endure it. A punishment caning, is exactly that…it is intended to be a punishment and deterrent!

  22. by Adam

    Do you have a heavy hairbrush or bathbrush that can bruise a bare bottom? Also do you have a wooden paddle? Lastly do you think there is a big difference between getting spanked over underwear and bare bottom?

    • by Governess

      I have a nice oak paddle hairbrush which I find highly effective. I do not have a wooden paddle. I think there is definitely a difference between on the bare or over underwear….sensation for starters.

      • by gary

        I didn’t bruise aunty but was quite red

      • by Steve

        I agree – bare bottom is definitely more painful. That’s why serious transgressions should normally be punished on the bare.

  23. by Colin hampton

    Can you give what are known as wet panty spankings? Where the underwear is soaked with water then you spank me over them? Ive heard it aupposed to increase te sting. Could this be followed by outside bare bottom corner time?

  24. by Trißh

    Mistress do you ever come up toScotland ?

    • by Governess

      Yes, but not much – perhaps once or twice a year.

  25. by James

    Could i request a bare bottom otk leather paddlr spanking outside?

    • by Governess

      You could. I am very happy to administer outdoor discipline, but only in good weather.

  26. Dear Governess

    Having stumbled upon your website after seeing a picture of you on Flickr, I must say I am very impressed! I like the look and content of your site, but am particularly impressed by your look and manner.

    Many thanks and all the best for the future!


    • by Governess

      Thanks for the compliments.

  27. by Henry Thompson

    Dear Governess

    I have written previously about my desire to be caned, touching toes, skirt raised for six strokes of the cane across my pink Directoire Knickers and hoped you would publish my Email on your comment site. This may produce interesting results.



    • by Governess


  28. by nigel bailey

    Dear mistress, I am interested in tied up tickle torture. Do you do this and what are your methods? Also do you do post orgasm torment? Thank you.

    • by Governess

      Sorry, Nigel, not my thing.

  29. by Alex

    Hello Governess.
    Love your website.
    Could 60 strokes of a cane from you help
    someone lose weight? If you weighed them every time they
    came to see you and they lost weight you could reduce
    the severity of their punishment.
    How sore would
    my bum get if you beat it 6 times.Would I be able to sit
    down the next day.And after 60 strokes how long
    before I would feel comfortable sitting on my bum again?
    How often do you recommend a man should get a beating?
    Do men cry whenyou beat them and do you beat them more if
    they show such weakness?
    Does caning hurt more than whipping?
    When you were caned as a schoolgirl how long did
    it take before you were caned again? Did you
    lie awake at night worrying about getting another beating.
    Are you glad you were caned?
    How long does it take most people to switch from
    6 of the best to 60? Can people get better at coping with pain?

    • by Governess

      I think a 60 stroke caning from me would be one hell of an incentive to lose weight. I imagine that after the first one, the recipient would seriously concentrate on losing weight, particularly if it tied in to future canings. For instance, perhaps one stroke less per pound lost, if a stone is lost…then a lighter caning. I can think of a whole host of ways that could work.

      I don’t know how sore your bum would be, nor how long it would take before you could sit comfortably again. Each person is different and reacts differently to a caning. Generally though, about a week before sitting is comfortable and a fortnight for the welts to disappear. At least 3- 4 weeks (dependant on severity of caning) before you should take the cane again to ensure the skin is well healed and not prone to develop ‘weak spots’ from repeated damage.

      I don’t think crying is always a weakness. It can be a coping mechanism, pure rage, frustration, release etc etc. My decision on how hard to punish has nothing to do with whether someone cries or not.

      Canings and whippings are completely different in terms of pain and sensation. Both can be as hard or as soft as the person wielding the implement wants them to be. A whipping is likely to leave marks that take a lot longer to heal.

      I was a rebellious anti-authority teen in a very strict, unyielding environment. I got caned a fair amount. I didn’t dread the cane, I eventually just accepted that it was a consequence of who I chose to be. I hated it and I raged against it…but I suspect part of me needed it. Fortunately, I was quite intelligent and became really good at not getting caught. I think being caned and being in such a strict society, at the time, forged me. I want nothing more than to be the woman I am, growing up with discipline is part of what makes me the force of nature I am today.

      People can learn to build tolerance to pain, build endurance and stamina etc. Ask any athlete or dancer.

      • by Alex

        Hi governess.
        Do you make videos of sessions that
        People can take home with them.
        I would love to be able to watch a video of you beating me months after the event. I would find this very arousing .
        Do you ever get another mistress to cane you so you are in touch with the experience of your fans?

        • by Governess

          Yes, I can make a video of the session.

          No, I do not get caned by anybody – my days of being a recipient are long done.

  30. by James Salonika

    Hello Governess

    I really love your photos and dress sense, simply fantastic, especially the tweed outfit and seam stockings. May I enquire if you still do sessions and where exactly are you based ? I live in South Yorks and enjoy the domestic scene.

    Thank you in advance.

    • by Governess

      Thanks for the compliments. Yes, I do still do sessions. I am based in Leicestershire.

  31. by roy

    I would like a session with you are you gentle with newcomers

    • by Governess

      Reasonably so.

  32. by Tony

    You must be very busy-I’m not surprised-still interested in any type of OTK, any length of time.
    Let me know times available and I’ll make myself available-It’s taken a while to get the courage to do this-don’t let me down
    I’m not that far way
    Really ready and up for it-scary
    Are you still doing sessions

    • by Governess

      Yes I am.

  33. by chris

    Very interested In coming to you for the most intense and harshest mouth soaping you have ever administered. But would like to ask how much it would cost and when your available?

    • by Governess

      My fees are clearly stated on most of my web pages. Please get in touch with me via email to discuss my availability.

  34. by roy

    I would like to have a session with you sometime

    • by Governess

      A trifle vague…..

  35. by tony reilly

    I am seeking to see you again, please let me know when free

    • by Governess

      Email me.

  36. by peter

    my wife is impressed by your standards of correction and has decided to book me in for a 30 min session of sever tawsing with a good deal of extra unusual punishments to start

    • by Governess

      Excellent, your wife has the right idea.

  37. by Bob

    Dear Governess

    Can you discipline in suitable attire topless with pussy showing?

    • by Governess

      Surely suitable attire such as “being topless and with pussy showing” would just be naked? Either way, the answer is a thousand times no,I would never!

  38. by Adrian

    Dear Governess,

    I’m so pleased to have stumbled upon your excellent web-site. Your responses to comments here are also refreshingly insightful. Your end of video focus on the caned bottoms is also a fabulous indication of what to expect. Takes me back to school days but sadly more recent has only been fantasy.

    I was curious – from some of the images it looks like you wield a fairly thick cane. What diameter do you use/prefer for your sessions?

    Thanks again for the site.

    • by Governess

      Thanks for the compliments.

      I generally use a 10mm diameter as a matter of choice. I also have a 13mm that is my cane of choice for heavier canings.

  39. by mike

    Dear Governess
    I would like to know if you fig during a caning to prevent clenching. I would really like to have a session with you

  40. by Richard Winterflood

    Your site looks so exciting. I live in London but would love to meet you.

  41. by Ray

    Loved the spanking videos which reminds me of me chastising my wife when she has been naughty and given a good bare bottom spanking over my knee which I confess arouses me sexually. There are times when I am also a “Bad Boy” and deserve a spanking but my wife unable to do so. Could I attend your studio for a mild spanking with my wife watching

    • by Governess

      Glad you enjoyed my clips. You would both be welcome to attend my studio.

  42. by Adrian

    Hello mistress.
    Do you have a favourite memory of someone who you think really benefited from a good thrashing. Do you dream about punishing people

  43. by Peter H

    Good afternoon Governess,

    I have received the cane from you once before and it was painful. However I felt a sense of achievement at the end. i would really like to receive another 60 but of late I have been fantasising about receiving the prison strap. will the pain be as intense and will the marking be as good.

    Kind regards,

    • by Governess

      It is a different sort of pain. The cane has a sting and then a spreading burn the strap is more of a thud followed by a bruising ache. The cane leaves welts, the strap leaves strap shaped bruises.

  44. by Peter

    I came to see you earlier this year for a sixty stroke caning. Although painful I would like to repeat the exercise however this time I was thinking about the same number of strokes from the prison strap. A different pain i feel sure but any less or more severe than the caning. I would like to do this before Christmas if possible.

    Thank you Peter

    • by Governess

      Hello Peter,

      Good to hear from you again, it is really best you send me an email to discuss a session. Comments often get lost in a whole host of ‘spam’ comments I get on my site daily, It often takes me some time to get to working through them.


  45. by paul

    i am a scottish lad that loves to feel the leather tawse,do you ever work in Scotland?

    • by Governess

      It is quite rare I get to Scotland…but perhaps next year.

  46. by paul

    do you like to be spanked too?

    • by Governess

      No, it is a one way street with me.

  47. by lucy

    I’m in Leicestershire and would like to be punished by you

    • by Governess


  48. by Michael

    Hi governess, I spoke to you last year, having found your website, I love the naughty girl otk video, and would love to be in her place, but I don’t know if I would take the spankings as well as she did? I hope I would be able to, would the no frills session give me a clue, as to whether I would not embaras myself, and, if I could, would you allow, my wife to watch another session? As she wants to see an expert give an otk spanking, her hand hurts too much.

    • by Governess

      I answered this already in an earlier comment.


  49. by Michael

    Hi miss, having watched your nawty girl otk I have been obsessed with a session over your knee
    I am now 57, and was spanked regularly when growing up, however you are a very harsh spanker, and I hope I could live up to your expectations, would a no frills session be the same? If my wife wished to see to see my spanking, would that be possible? In

    • by Governess

      Hello Michael,

      You don’t have to hope you will live up to my expectations, I will make sure you do. Your wife is more than welcome to come and watch your punishment being administered.


  50. by michael

    Hello miss, I did not realise that my first message had gone, sorry, the truth is, I want to experience an otk bare bottom spanking by a strict governess/teacher/auntie, as I want to be a nawty boy again, but, would I be able to endure one of your spankings? As I said before I have watched your nawty girl otk video, and wow she took a harsh spanking….I think that if you will see me, I would come by myself for a no frills session, to see if I could endure one of your hand spankings, thanks for listening……..

  51. by michael

    Hi miss, I have just watched your naughty girl otk video, again, that girl is a star, I wonder, would I be able to take a harsh spanking like that….. I would like to think so? I defintely need to visit you, to see if I can take one of your spankings, may I get in touch?

  52. by Michael

    Hi governess, how are you? There are no comments on here, from anybody, are
    You still here? I wondered if I could get in touch with you, I watch the nawty girl otk
    And, wonder……can I stand that harsh spanking, without showing myself up? And wasting
    Your time….

  53. by Michael

    Hi governess, how are you? Have I upset you? If so I am really sorry, may I get in touch with you i think you will be able to teach me the error of my ways, with an otk bare bottom spanking, a no frills session over your knee, but only if you agree, of course… Thank you…

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