The Governess Leicester




Location & Information:

The Governess is based in her private, well equipped, residence in Leicestershire, approx 15 mins from M1 J21.


The Governess is aware that there are many, many miscreants out there who need to be disciplined and as such her doors are open from 10am Monday to Saturday. Same day bookings are rarely available and it is advisable to text between 9:30 am – 11 am to secure a same day appointment.


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  1. by Philip

    Dear Governess,
    There were many misdemeanors that I should have been Caned for when I was at school, but somehow I managed to escape punishment.So I think it would be a good idea for you to administer my long overdue and well deserved Caning. Would 6 – 12 of your best across my bare buttocks be a suitable punishment?

    • by Governess

      Sounds like a good start at least.

  2. by Julie

    Hello Governess I have emailed you regarding my husbands needs look forward to hearing from you


    • by Governess


  3. by Paul

    Not sure this is the proper avenue to address the issue, but(t) …. I’m not being able to open your recent Patreon postings. I joined at the Accolite level about a month ago. Can you get me back in the loop, Maestra Morgan ???

    • by Governess

      Hi Paul, I’m not entirely sure I understand the problem but I have fixed some settings lately. Is it still happening?

  4. I dont understand how Patreon is working…

    • by Governess

      I would help if I had more information.

  5. by Pete

    I have just seen a clip from a session with you and the equally lovely Mistress Baton . Absolutely fantastic !

  6. by Michael

    So sorry about today governess I was so looking forward to meeting you, and finally bending over your knee, I had no idea that I was being sent to Scotland,
    I really hope it didn’t cause you too many problems? I hope you will still allow me to meet with you when I can make it to you? I am still nervous, but I am ready
    to come to you for a bare bottom hand spanking and I hope you will still accommodate me

  7. by Nervous Nevil

    Earlier today I left a message which an hour later was on one of your sections. However a few hours later it seems to have vanished.
    First I complimented you on being such a stunning lady with superb diction & rapport when in action. I also pointed out that several videos were not operational & felt that you deserved a teensy weensy spanking.
    My main question, however, was that I could not decide which of your video punishments were mild, moderate, severe or judicial. For example, most of Stinger & Cane looks severe but maybe you regard it as moderate.
    I want spanking & caning but need need to avoid significant cane stripes. Can you say whether mild & moderate are shown in your videos?

  8. by Nervous Nevil

    Have greatly admired your site for some time – what a stunning lady you are with charming diction & rapport. However, some of your videos seem to be out of commission – who’s a naughty lady then who needs a teensy weensy spanking?
    My problem is that I cannot determine which punishments in your videos are regarded as mild, moderate, severe or judicial. For example, Stinger & Cane seems mostly severe but perhaps you regard it as moderate. Is there an example of mild in any video which I can view? As I need to avoid any significant stripes, I may need mild but would have expected to take moderate
    Can you please advise?
    Please do not use or publish my Email address.

  9. by Jaemin

    I love caning for bastinado, calves, thighs

  10. by Nath

    Hi ma’am

    I’ve tried to make contact without success

    Is there another way to contact

    Thank you

  11. by Peter Holroyd

    Good evening Governess, having tried and failed so frequently to make contact with you I am not sure how I can make an appointment to come across and see you for my therapy. Of course, in order to try and stay in touch with my pain thresholds I have visited others more local to me.

    However, it remains apparent that nobody does it quite like you so can we please meet up sometime soon?

    Kindest regards,


    • by Governess

      Hello Peter,

      I did respond to you ages ago via text with a date and time and I heard nothing back from you. Text me and I will take it from there.


      • by SIMON LEWIS

        Oh poor Peter, you really don’t know what you are missing until you have visited the Governess, she is one of a kind that will take you to your limits and you will crave for more. I have visited many times.

  12. by james

    Great work. Do you offer full body whipping?

    • by Governess

      If by full body you mean back and buttock area – then yes, I do.

      • by james

        Yes please, will email you.

  13. by graham

    I would like to get 4 cuts on the hands with a 1960 school leather strap from you

  14. by Michael

    Hi governess how are you Happy new year oh how I wish that 2017 is the year that I receive a bare bottom hand spanking over your knee I am still working in Scotland but i watch your video bad attitude otk all the time….. My bottom Tingle’s and I Wonder??? Could I stand that as you spank so wonderful….

  15. by Michael

    Hi governess howare you Happy new year maybe 2017 I Will get my otk bare bottom spanking from you….I just need the courage to come and visit you I love all your video,s especially bad attitude otk….

  16. by James

    Have you ever beaten a man to the point where the pain overwhelmed him and he lost consciousness? In such cases, do you “revive” him and continue?

  17. by Casper

    Hey I am intresset in having a session in late in june . I am from sweden , 20 years old.

  18. by mmm

    hello mistress

    do you give a bastinado as a judicial punishment – (mandatory number of strokes)?

    • by mmm

      i mean bastinado on feet soles using cane and rubber strap

    • by Governess

      I thoroughly enjoy bastinado but I have never given it as a judicial punishment. I would be a little hesitant to do so given how fragile the bones in the feet are compared to a hefty cane.

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