Caning Therapy

Governess is aware that there are many therapeutic benefits to being on the receiving end of a good caning. A very small scientific study claims that beating on the buttocks with a strong cane is the perfect way to cure everything from depression to alcoholism by releasing the body’s natural “happy chemicals” known as endorphins.

The scientists, headed by biologist Sergei Speransky, claim corporal punishment not only rids people of addictions but also helps overcome depression and suicidal tendencies, the daily Izvestia reported.

The scientists said that when caned, a person’s body will release masses of endorphins, making them happier. The caning, they found, counteracts a lack of enthusiasm for life which they claim is the cause of addictions, suicidal tendencies and psychosomatic disorders.

The scientists, who said they have had positive results with people testing their cane therapy, recommend a standard treatment course of 30 sessions with 60 of the best, delivered on the buttocks by a person of average build.

”Therapy becomes much more efficient when a patients receives the punishment from a person of the opposite sex. The effect is astounding: the patient starts seeing only bright colors in the surrounding world, the heartache disappears, although it will take a certain time for the buttocks to heal, of course,” Sergei Speransky told the Izvestia newspaper.

Another new study appears to support the principle behind caning as a therapy.

Governess’ research is far less scientific but it would appear to be undeniable that caning discipline can help some people overcome all sorts of issues – from depression, addiction and weight-loss through to guilt that needs to be exorcised!

Caning therapy has nothing to do with Domination or submission, it is a clinical delivery of a physical treatment. As such, you will be treated with courtesy, consideration and utter professionalism. It is a highly intense treatment which can often be very difficult to endure,crying and indeed screaming may well be part of the experience… however, the full 60 strokes will be delivered without fail. It is important to note that caning therapy is not a ‘hell bent for leather’ caning. The severity is hard enough to cause a reaction in the recipient’s body and may leave marks for several days, but not hard enough to break skin and should not be confused with a punishment or judicial caning.

Caning Therapy Fees:

£50 for 60 strokes of the cane.

Location & Information:

The Governess’s is based in her private residence in Leicestershire, approx 15 mins from M1.


The Governess is aware that there are many, many people out there who need the sort of therapy she offers and as such her doors are open from 10am Monday to Saturday. Same day bookings are rarely available and it is advisable to text between 9:30 am – 11 am to secure a same day appointment.

Contact The Governess

Text or email is my preferred form of initial contact. You may text me Monday to Friday from 10 AM – 7 PM on  07756910337 to initiate contact.
You can also use the contact form on my contact  page.

Alternatively, an email to:
with a brief outline of your desired  session is an option.

Finally, if all else fails, call me.
Text or email is my preferred method of initial contact as I am often in session and unable to take your call. If you desire to speak with me on the phone, this can be arranged via text or email.

Call 07756910337 (I answer my phone from 9:30 am until 5 pm).


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  1. by Paul

    Hi I can be a very naughty adult boy and often need or derserve sound Disipline I have been spanked and strapped bare bottom OTK in the past but my problem is I clench kick wriggle and squirm a lot and generally resit sound Disipline though I know I need it
    Was wondering how you would deal with challenging spankees like me?

    • by Governess

      Given my size and strength a wriggling, squirming human being is not an obstacle for me – once you are pinned over my knee you can wriggle and squirm as much as you like…you are going nowhere. As far as clenching your bottom, almost everyone does, it is not a problem for me I just spank through it.


    hi in need of y disipline need childlike disipline old school! eg short thin cane otk ? do y ever do this also awkaward to travel do y ever come to london?

    • by Pete

      Paul I guess English isn’t your mother tongue

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  4. by Pascal

    Hello Miss the Governess,

    I would like to receive not 60 strokes of the cane by session but 100 lashes of cane per session

  5. by Sam

    Hello Governess, I really want to come for a caning therapy but wanted to ask if you do figging as well to prevent clenching during the caning,

    • by James

      I am interested in catering therapy. However, I know from previous experience but I have quite a low pain threshold. do you think I would be able to manage the 60s strokes? Do you adjust the severity depending on the reaction of your therapy subject?

      • by James

        Apologies Ma’am. That should read caning not catering of course.

  6. by jamiv

    I am a masochist male. I like to receive strong caning strokes.Are you apply light or strong strokes.Which type of cane you used . Please give the dimension of the cane you used

  7. by henry thompson

    I badly need six strokes of the cane with my skirt raised across the seat of my pink directoire knickers. MY wife often obliges but is now reluctant.

  8. by Gerard

    Looking forward to a red bottom, please.

    • by Governess


  9. by Ivan

    I do suffer from depression and have had the usual chemical coshes for it , SSRI drugs which are awful. There have been periods in my life when the rod has not been spared and when I come to think of it I was much calmer and more relaxed. I am interested in a therapy session, can you tell me roughly how this works. I have been to mistresses before and felt that it was all such a rush. As I understand it you give 60 strokes of the cane at a level determined by you, over what sort of time would this be? I hope I am not being thick.

    • by Governess

      It is hard to give a hard and fast answer as to how the therapy works as each person I see has different needs and each session is not prescriptive. It really does depend on the person, their reason for wanting the therapy. A therapy session can vary from 20 minutes through to an hour and a half (again this depends on the person – how many times I have seen them before – and the desired result from the therapy).

  10. by Kres

    I need a strict caning in penance of my fetish desire to be muzzled with well used knickers muzzled over my face and be made to scream out my thanks. Is that possible?

  11. by Sarah

    Reading through the mail here I see only males. Am I missing something? I am assuming that such therapy is equally appropriate for females. I have guilt issues to deal with but I need discretion. I am in my 40’s and although quite fit I probably mark more easily than younger people. Realistically how long should I allow before my bottom would be ‘presentable’ again?

    • by Governess

      Hello Sarah,

      The therapy is indeed equally appropriate for females, it is just that of the few females I deal with, none have decided to comment. Most take on long term therapy plans with me, so I believe it must work for them too…otherwise why repeat the experience?
      All skin marks differently no matter the age or gender, it all reacts differently to different stimuli etc. That said, unless you are on anti-coagulent medicine, it is reasonable to expect the marks from my therapy caning to be gone in two weeks at the most (sometimes a week, sometimes anywhere inbetween, depending on how your skin reacts).

      Hope this helps.

  12. by S.K

    Hi, I am a 53 years single old man. Have a lot of guilt within me for my wrong doing in life. I would like a punishment
    which can ease this burden within me. I am a novice, what do you advice?
    Would prefer that you remind me and talk me through the session so that I feel and repent for my wrong doings.
    Please suggest the therapy and duration please.

  13. by Pete

    Hi , I just need to tell you that at the top of this page , that you look absolutely awesome !

    You never know I might even come and see you again !

    Pathetic Pete ( ex washing machine engineer ) !

  14. by Jack Fallerney

    Dear Governess,
    I tried to send you a simple E-Mail. but could not see how to establish a link with , my e-mail provider
    I have been interested in you for some time now, but the fact that I am married to a strictly “Vanilla” wife, has prevented me going any further. But that situation is now changing.
    My thought is to visit you in about 6 weeks time (or as near as practical) for one of your “Caning Therapy” Sessions (60 strokes for £40) – My only requests – IF that is OK with you? Is that marks should be restricted to buttocks, and IMMEDIATE “Sit Spots” ONLY – and secondly, as I don’t want to pay for the cane, please don’t ACTUALLY draw Blood! I am only 8 months away from my 80th Birthday, so that may also be an issue you may need to know about!
    I am a long term Masochist, but anticipate your session will be harder than any I have recently (or ever?) endured.
    Can you please tell me if you are happy with this? If you ARE, then I will look forward to making a booking as soon as it is practical, but I cannot yet promise exactly when.
    Yours respectfully,
    Jack Fallerney.

    • by Governess

      Hello Jack,

      I am very accurate with my cane, the likelihood of me landing the cane on anything but your bottocks (from crease to sit spot) is almost nil. I very rarely draw blood accidentally (usually it is entirely deliberate) but I cannot guarantee I wont as everyone has different skin and this reacts in all sorts of different ways, if I do draw blood accidentally…I would not dream of charging you for the cane – I would be beyond mercenary if I charged for my error! Your age is absolutely not an issue.

      • by Jack Fallerney

        The time has at last come, when I am hoping to avail myself of your services – I have tried both e-mailing & Phoning, but I REALLY want to see you this Monday afternoon?
        I have been very stressed out recently, and want serious Stress Relief! I have a fairly high pain threshold, but I am hoping you will actually be able to make me “REGRET” coming to you (He He!) Would you please use your experience to give me the very MAXIMUM of pain, with the Minimum of lasting marks (Recent Canings, have left me with welts for 3 weeks, but nowhere NEAR my pain limit! A wooden Paddle left me with a “Sandpaper Butt” for about 4 weeks) I leave the details to you, but I DO want it for REAL!
        I tried Phoning this morning, but my call was rejected? I don’t know why? Can I confirm by e-mail? I would HATE to miss the opportunity…
        Respectfully Yours,

  15. by Brendan Ohare

    Hi mistress can I make an appointment. .

  16. by Governess

    You may address me as Miss, Phillip. Thank you for your comments and I will be seeing you again soon!

  17. by paul

    would like to visit you but worried and embrassed about my reactions i react to spankings OTK with the strap and hairbrush like a school boy eg kick Squirm and clench and generally resit the disipline and on occasions have had little accidents over the knee due to all the fidgiting ect
    was wondering how you deal with this behaviour and if you have ever had challenging boys! over your knee before?

    • by Governess

      I have had challenging boys over my knee before, I am quite a big woman so they usually do not remain challenging for long once pinned over my broad lap!

  18. by Jörn

    Just read the article in the siberian times about the healing effects of the caning therapy, but the recipe seem to be very hard:
    “They are expected to undergo two beating sessions a week for three months – with follow-up visits every four weeks for the next year”.

    Phewww: 60 strokes twice a week for three months, followed by monthly beatings, I don´t think, that my ass would survive this without permanent damage. What do you thin?

    • by Governess

      I don’t think 60 strokes twice a week is entirely realistic either. Unless it was a really light 60 strokes, the skin needs time to heal and regain it’s strength. I think once every 4 weeks is more achievable and holds the least potential for creating ‘weak spots’ and permanent damage etc from such prolonged and regular canings.

  19. by Henry Thompson

    I was caned in my Directoire Knickers by my wife yesterday. Six strokes, but not too hard – you seem to go in for brutal canings which are clearly dangerous.
    What do you think?


  20. by sam

    hi governess, I’ve never seen you before, but I am looking forward to in the near future. my question: with caning therapy, once the welts have gone, how noticeable will the marking be? I am married and would like to keep it that way. I was told that caning through a wet towel stops most of the marks. hope you had a lovely Xmas and new year.


  21. by michael

    I can make a lot of noise buy will you be girl enough to create it ? I’m sure you will, I need some-one like you!

    • by Steve

      Shouldn’t you take your punishment in silence? Not sure if I could though. We will see though because regrettably I’m due to go over the horse myself for a punishment caning to atone for recent misdemeanors.

  22. by Greg

    Dear Governess
    I note that you use a birch in some of your sessions. May I ask is it a genuine school or judicial type birch, and what is the cost of a birching?

    • by Governess

      There are so many opinions on what is a genuine birch….I would not presume to say mine are genuine. I make my own – both the spray and manx variety of Birch. I make them with the cuttings from birch trees (the best of being in spring), bind them and set about making them look like the old pictures I have seen as well as making them properly functional birches…not the silly shredding twig things one often finds. Anyway, whether that makes them genuine or not, I dont know.

      A birching will cost you £130.

  23. by Greg

    Dear Governess,
    I note that you use a birch in some of your sessions. May I ask, is it a real school or judicial birch and what is the cost of a birching?

  24. by michael

    are you secluded enough for cries of pain and screaming not to be heard or do you use suitable gags? I need to be restrained but need to talk to you during a thrashing so if it can be done without gags that would be good, my other mistresses used to whisper in my ear and gag me because their daughters were sleepng next door!g

    • by Governess

      You can make as much noise as you need.

  25. by Jay Seep

    It is with great reluctance that I write to you. Unknown to my wife, I have been stealing young ladies’ used underwear to smell and savour and committed various other crimes of theft. After reading you website, it seems to me that a serious judicial/thereputic caning might correct this anti-social behaviour. I have been restrained naked over a caning bench before on a number of occasions, but so far nothing has cured my tendency to crime. Can I contact you?

    • by Governess

      You most certainly should contact me.

  26. by Jörn

    Dear Governess,
    You are an amazing woman! Since I discovered your site I keep coming back to reread the content and admire the pictures of you – I LOVE that white dress and your open hair in the above picture! And I can´t wait ´till I have the chance to visit the UK and to feel the pain of your cane on my backside.

    Today I read the article about “caning therapy” in the Siberian Times and it makes so much sense! They recommend a series of at least 30 sessions in intervals of 2 to 3 weeks. When I look at the pictures of the butts that your miscreants show after you attended to them I seems to me that every session except the first one will be on a butt that still has marks and maybe wounds from the last session. Or I am wrong and the marks will disappear in 2 weeks time?

    I need correction for constantly looking at porn on the internet and for masturbating far too much – which means that I am neglecting my wife and my work. I want this to change and become a better husband again.
    What do you think would be appropriate to correct my behaviour? A punishment caning, a therapy caning or even a Judicial caning (hopefully not!)? I any case I plan to show the effect of your work to my wife afterwads and plead her to continue with my correction and reeducation.

    • by Governess

      I find a 4 to 6 weeks is about the best gap in treatment, perhaps the scientists did not cane as enthusiastically as I. The marks are usually all gone within two weeks but the additional time allows enough time for the skin to heal properly and prevent ‘weak spots’ developing.

      There is no way of knowing which will work best for you, without knowing you. It is probably wise to attend for an introductory caning therapy session and then make your mind up, based on the results, a few weeks later as to whether a course of caning therapy is beneficial to you.

    • by Steve

      If these are offences and correction is required, then surely you should receive a punishment caning?

  27. by Michael hare

    Hi .
    After reading your blogs I am excited to discover that you visit northern Ireland a few times each year . Would you be generous enough to inform me when those approx, dates may be . Looking forward to your reply . Thank you . Mike

    • by Governess

      I am considering adding a travel calendar to my site this year, keep an eye out for it, I will list all my potential destinations & dates on there.

  28. by Kres

    I look forward in future to making an appointment and would really like a real school chastisement whilst being caned for sniffing girls knicks. All the better if I am muzzeled as such with soiled ones during
    the punishment to teach me a good and lasting lesson. Maybe that is or not possible.
    Thank you Miss
    Adult Pupil Kress

  29. by phil

    Do you visit northern ireland at all

    • by Governess

      I manage to get to Belfast maybe two or three times a year.

  30. by William

    Dear Governess,
    I need a good caning on a regular basis otherwise I spend a lot of time having CP fantasies and don’t get on with the things I should be doing. My wife used to give me CP but over the last year or so she has lost interest. It seems that your caning therapy could be the answer to my dilemma, What do you think?
    Yours William

    • by Governess

      Definitely sounds as though it could be a good solution to your problem, William.

  31. by Kres

    Sounds the job for an errant adult schoolboy and wish to be on you mailing list and hope to make Leics in not distant future for a severe caning.

    • by Governess

      I don’t have a mailing list. Still, you are welcome to come see me for a severe caning anytime.

  32. by George

    I have studied your website with great interest. I read what you had to say about caning therapy. I have gone to a mistress and had a caning. She gives me either 10 more strokes of 6 or six strokes of 10. I will require of them as hard as possible. I find after it gives me great relief. Do you hold back on your caning therapy . I like to discuss the punishment before and have a cup of tea after. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

    • by Governess

      I do not hold back when I administer a caning…it is not in the recipient’s best interest for me to do so. As a matter of course, I would expect to spend some time, prior to undertaking the caning, having a discussion with you. You would also be more than welcome to stay for a cup of tea afterwards.

  33. by Donnie down

    Dear Governess,
    Many thanks for posting on your site. Unfortunately I am unable to visit you due to distance but wish that I could receive your advice and guidance via therapy. Can you suggest a therapist in Glasgow or Edinburgh who would provide similar therapy to aid me?
    Many thanks ,

    • by Governess

      Hello Donnie, sadly I don’t know of anyone in those areas that are providing this sort of therapy. There is a possibility that I may travel to Edinburgh or Glasgow in the next few months though.

  34. by Nikki

    Could you kindly advise what kind of stick you use when conducting caning therapy? Willow? Birch? etc
    Thanks Nikki

    • by Governess

      I do not use a stick, I use a cane…specifically rattan & kooboo. Most woods are not suitable to use as a cane as they frequently splinter/shatter and cause untold damage. I wouldn’t even use standard bamboo canes (the garden variety) as they are prone to splintering.

  35. by williams

    hello Governess,
    i saw your website and I really liked what I saw. And I am looking forward to meeting you soon. You look really good severe and too. I am a beginner and i am kind of looking for a sort of punishment where i don’t have control. SO i guess it will be a caning therapy or whatever you think best! is the therapy going to be severe? and is it going to be administered on bare bottom? hope i hear from you soon before i feel you on my behind!

    • by Governess

      Please get in touch via email to discuss session detail.

  36. by Gerrie

    Hi Governess I also like to make an booking with you in July month sometime,I do need urgently a very good caning session I cannot decide what would be the best judicial or just an therapy I had it before very long time ago my but was in pain and had marks for about 6 weeks will this be the same 60 strokes with a heavy cane I do have a lot of guilt in myself will it be possible and must I go with a session with you before you discipline me and when will the best time for appointment and how long does it take I don’t mind if you cut me and leave marks.

    • by Governess

      It really is best to direct session enquiries directly to me via email.

      A judicial will hurt and mark more than therapy. Therapy is still likely to leave you with welts and marks for up to 3 weeks or so (depends on your healing rate). Therapy takes around 45 mins – 1 hour the first time.

  37. by Steve

    Interesting topic. A few years back I started getting tattoos and found that I enjoyed it. After a while I discovered that it was the pain that I enjoyed. These days whenever I have a craving to get another tattoo I visit ladies such as you, Governess, to have my bottom tattooed with a cane. That sting does me good and I love the marks it leaves behind. The great thing is, once the marks have faded, my bottom is ready to be tattooed all over again!

    • by Governess

      I understand that entirely, I hadn’t thought of serial tattoo/piercees but now that you mention it….makes perfect sense. Which would you say left you feeling more content in the aftermath…the tattoo or the caning?

  38. by Stuart Harris

    Am considering booking a session of caning therapy with you in the middle of July.

    I have serous problems with guilt & depression which need to be sorted out and i would like to try this therapy. Am aware that it is likely to be ultra painful and also humiliating (having to stand naked in front of the governess awaiting to be tied down and then having your bottom on show to you)

    I have to ask, being as i will have to travel a distance, is it possible that it can be accepted that when i arrive and walk through the door i am accepting that i wish to receive the therapy. I just want to be let in, pay my dues, and then be taken to strip and then be restrained for my therapy, i don’t wish to be given the oppurtunity to back out.


    • by Governess

      Hello Stuart,

      I am more than happy to accept your arrival as consent for the therapy and go straight into it….makes perfect sense to me.


  39. by Johnson

    I watched the videos, which left me both scared and fascinated (in the nicest possible way!).

    I’m not keen on driving and wondered, coming from London as I would, whether you are located near a railway station.

    Best Wishes


    • by Governess

      Yes, I am and I will collect you & return you to the station when we are done.

  40. by St John

    Have have a question for you Governess, i s it possible for therapy to be applied by an over the knee spanking followedby the strap , my session with you was difficult to endure , and yet the benefits were amazing.

    • by Governess

      Technically, I suppose any CP applied in the correct manner should achieve the same result. Oddly enough, I have never really thought about it until you asked – I have never applied therapy in that manner before and thus have no evidence to say it would work – no harm in trying though.

  41. by Governess

    It has helped a fair few spirits so far, I don’t see why you should be any different. I do prefer to conduct therapy caning with the recipient restrained (wriggling can sometime lessen my accuracy…which is a bad idea). You can be naked or in a hospital gown. It is best to undertake all 30 sessions, but that is your choice to make. No option to end the caning, unless the circumstance is exceptional. Some people have continued with their therapy long past 30 sessions and appear to wish to continue to do so indefinitely. I have yet to hear anybody say the 60 was not enough for them!

    • by gerry

      Yes me

      • by Governess

        If I recall, you kept asking me to be more lenient.

  42. by williams


    i am interested in this caning therapy. i am depressed a lot. Do you think this will lift my spirits? Is the therapy conducted using restraints? Will I be naked? Will I be required to have 30 sessions? Is it always 60 strokes or can it be more? Do I have an option to end a caning or must I suffer the full amount no matter what? Do some people require more than 30 sessions? Somehow I think 60 strokes might not be enough for me and maybe I might require a lot more than 30 sessions. Maybe I need sessions indefinitely.

  43. by derek

    Dear mistress..Do you have female clothing that a miscreant can wear while being punished by you, or do they have to bring there own to wear.A mobile mistress used to come to my home while I was dressed as a woman, she then fastend me over a large stool and put a gag in my mouth so people outside will not hear my screams when she pulled my nickers down and gave me 60 strokes of the cane.Will you also do some thing like that to me, its what I badly need.Sincerely your slave .Derek

    • by Governess

      I have an extensive wardrobe for miscreants to wear, from satiny frilly frocks to vintage girdles and pencil skirts. I have no desire to gag you, I enjoy the noises!

  44. by Terry

    I read your site with interest. I know I am in need of genuine discipline but ask if it is possible for you to deliver 60 strokes or whatever you see fit without drawing blood?
    I do understand that the therapy will need to be felt and appreciate that I will leave with a very sore and welted bottom but ask not to draw blood, in which case I will arrange to report for my sentence
    Many thanks

    • by Governess

      Hello Terry, unless specifically agreed beforehand, I never intend to draw blood in any of my canings. That said, I cannot 100% guarantee that I will not cut the skin, I do try to make sure that risk is minimised though.

  45. by gerry

    Hi Morgan have a good easter ! God help me if were my mum or big sister the canning you gave last time !

  46. by gerry

    Hi Morgan have a good easter ! God help me if were mum or big sister the canning you gave last time !

  47. by Governess

    Thank you Colin.

  48. by Christine

    I used to send my husband to a disciplinarian for hairbrush spankings several times a month to keep him in check. It always worked and after a dose of the wooden hairbrush he was a complete angel even though he couldn’t sit for days after. I loved how fearful he became of this strict lady over time. He would shake when Intold him he was going there. Unfortunately our disciplinarian has moved and my husband has been smirking for months and being a real moron. I think after reading Tara’s comment that I will be contacting the Governess. I can hardly wait to see his face when I tell him I found a new disciplinarian and he will be getting the cane from now on. He may soil his pants in fear. Oh well he will learn or suffer,it is that simple.

    • by Governess

      Hello Christine,

      I am always delighted to help women keep their husbands in order. It seems some men need a regular visit to the ‘school of hard knocks’ to keep them pleasant.

  49. by Colin

    I had my second caning therapy session from The Governess a few days ago. I had been warned when I phoned earlier that morning that my arrival was keenly anticipated, so perhaps I should have been more prepared for what was to follow:

    When I arrived I was shown directly to the punishment room and very quickly stripped and secured. Care was taken to make sure I was ‘comfortable’ so that I would not be distracted from the pain that was to follow.

    Many of you will appreciate that on some days punishment can be tolerated far easier than on others, and it quickly became evident to me that this time was one of those days when I would struggle to endure anything severe..

    Being the wonderful sadist The Governess is she recognised this quite quickly, so naturally simply relished in my discomfort as she laid on set after set of cane strokes.

    For some reason it took well over 60 strokes before the endorphins started to kick in, and my suffering this time was heavier than I can ever remember.

    The therapy worked however, and The Governess clearly seemed far more relaxed and calm after she had finished her work!

    As for me, as well as the anticipated wounds, I noted that evening a very bad bruise around one wrist caused by my pathetic and futile attempts to escape my restraints. I also had trouble speaking for the remainder of the day as a result of damage to my throat caused by my involuntary and fruitless cries which my beating had caused me to scream out.

    Obviously I should have learned my lesson now, but after the constraints my vanilla life impose over the summer months I am determined to return later in the year, and next time I am steeling myself for both right handed and left handed discipline as The Governess strives to become anbidextorous to further enhance her already plentiful ability to inflict pain and suffering.

    And why will I return? The peace and serenity which blessed me for days following our last meeting is so blissful. If you are in doubt, please take the leap and trust this wonderful sadist to help you understand what lies deep inside.

    Thank you Morgan, and do take care until I am lucky enough to suffer for you again.

    Col x

    • by Governess

      It was truly my pleasure, Colin, you take care too.

  50. by gerry

    WILL come and see you when the weather improves end of Feb23 or 2March.
    Looking forward to meeting you next time.
    Liked your Guilt caning video.

  51. by Tara

    Thank You For Your Help.

    Last weekend I caught my husband sniffing and licking a pair of panties that belonged to my best friend who was a guest in our home. She had innocently left them on the bedroom floor while she took a shower. After some research on the web last week I made contact with the Governess. Yesterday my husband attending the punishment caning session that i had arranged with the Governess. He was restrained over a punishment bench and with no warm up received 60 strokes of the cane. My husband said all 60 were delivered hard.

    So I would like to express my thanks and recommend that any other wife considers using this husband punishment service. I am over the moon and feel I have closure. Thank you so much…He is clearly very sorry and in quite a state physically and psychologically. It has been a very harsh lesson for him.

    I was surprised at the severity of the welts and am really very very pleased that you did not spare the rod at all. A lot of the welts are on the same sit down point between bottom and thighs.. No hiding place.. he simply cannot sit down at all. Indeed a couple of the welts are open wounds. Thank you for dressing these wounds to allow him to drive home safely. This padding was removed immediately when he got home and I was pleasantly shocked at what I saw as evidence of the flogging. He was so distressed. He mentioned that the Governess estimated it would be a week of real appreciable pain and that the welts would take 6 weeks to heal and dissappear.

    There has been a lot of apologies and promises. He literally cannot sit down or move much at all today without wincing in pain. He did not sleep at all last night and said he was in absolute agony.

    I actually took pity on him and realised he was in so much pain when he literally could not untie his shoe laces. He could not sit down to do it…he could not raise his leg to rest on a chair to do it. In the end I decided we have closure and a degree of forgiveness is required ..I untied them for him and then ruffled his hair and said I think you have learnt an important lesson…that is it settled now.

    I have told him that going forward in our marriage however I will call upon you again for a punishment service should he step out of line again…I think the thought of being restrained over your bench for 60 cruel cuts of the cane again will be a deterrent.

    You may like to publish this note on your website….I think other wives may want to know about the benefit of your service. It was not a sexual experience for my husband it was a punishment by a strong woman who helps other women.

    Thank you…have a nice weekend. Judging from the fact that he can’t even walk properly he won’t…but I will.

    • by Governess

      Thank you Tara. Hope all is going magnificently well for you.

  52. by gerry

    Hi Misstress
    i am interested in you canning my bare bottom . How long the session last for will there be cut on my botom ? i have had a good Trashing before with a cane . I have up to 200 on my bare bottom . looking for ward to see in Janaury 2013

  53. by tony masters

    read your article on therapy caning and it sounds just what i am in need of. will be contacting you in the new year to arrange treatment. meanwhile have a merry christmas and a happy new year

  54. by dean

    hello governess as you know i hope to see you on sunday the 2nd of december for a therapy caning session please may i ask will i be cut by the strokes of the cane and how long will the session take …..many thanks …dean

    • by Governess

      It is never my intention to cut the skin when delivering caning therapy, although sometimes it does happen. Much more common are welts and bruises that last a few weeks.

  55. by derek

    I need to be judicial punished by the cane,or what ever you will decide will be better for me.I know you will make me scream and weep with every stroke when it contacs my bottom,i have been punished judicial before and i know what to expect.You are the one that will be the best dominatrix to correct me. i will be in touch. Yours obediant slave.Derek.

    • by Governess

      Hello Derek, I do offer Judicial Caning/Punishment. It is not the same thing as Caning Therapy…one is therapy – one is punishment. One will break you….the other will, hopefully, mend you.

      • by William

        I really like the idea of the cane being able to be used for healing as well as punishment. I’d never thought of it that way before. By releasing guilt and letting go resistance to pain it would be possible to live a far better and stronger life. This service is a wonderful opportunity.

        • by Governess

          I firmly believe that the cane cane be used for healing as well as punishment. To my mind, it seems no coincidence that many of the major religions & past civilisations ritually used to utilise corporal punishment (and not always as punishment).

  56. by charles

    Weep your eyes out Rebekka Brooks. You are far more arresting. The simple white dress emphasises the authority in your gaze. The punishment will be harsh – and prolonged. He will not offend in that way again!

  57. by dean

    hello governess i realy lookforwards to coming to see you in december for caning therapy may i ask how long does the appointment last is it just the case of 60 strokes and thats it or do you take your time….

    • by Governess

      Caning Therapy takes as long as it takes. Sometimes it is quick…others it takes time. The key here is that I work with the recipient and it is not a punishment….but a therapy.

  58. by carol

    Miss thankyou for seeing me and heiping start to except that i am a sissy girl and my wife will control me with your on going heip thankyou carol

  59. by Andy

    An extremely interesting read and very much looking forward to being in a position to make an appointment with you to experience this type of ‘therapy’ in the future. Sadly not in a position due to unforseen circumstances to book earlier, but very much intend to when I can. Love the whole website and pictures and all your wonderful outfits.

    • by Governess

      Thanks Andy…hope to see you in the not too distant future.

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