Domestic Discipline

The Governess is very adept at providing domestic discipline within her home. She has a range of punishments available to correct most errant ways. Over the knee spanking, slipper spanking, hairbrush spanking, mouth soaping, flogging, belting, birching, mustard poultices, bran poultices and other authentic corrections are amongst her favourites.

Whether it is with Strict Aunty, Domineering Mummy or Governess, you will find yourself sobbing over the ottoman and repenting for your ill behaviour.

Governess Fees

15 Mins: No nonsense punishment: £40

If you do not require the roleplay and you simply want to come in, be summarily taken over my knee and soundly spanked for 15 minutes then this is the one for you. No preamble, no mucking about…just straighforward ‘no-frills’ discipline!

30 Mins: Over My Knee: £75

Strict roleplay only. You have been caught breaking the rules, you will immediately be put over my knee and spanked with either paddle, hairbrush or slipper for 30 minutes and your bottom is bright red. You will be lectured as you are spanked until you show appropriate remorse. Spanking can be administered at different intensities: light, moderate, severe.

1 Hour: Domestic Discipline: £120

As Domestic Discipline is such a wide area with scope for many varieties of roleplay, The Governess will consider most suitable roleplay situations if it interests her and is in keeping with her predilictions. Discuss directly with The Governess for more information.

Location & Information:

The Governess’s domestic discipline rooms are based in her private residence in Leicestershire, approx 15 mins from M1 J21(a). The living room, kitchen, tennis court, outdoor area, office & dungeon are all available for domestic discipline sessions. The Governess has a selection of appropriate outfits, such as victorian attire, severely suited or primly in a tight black pencil skirt and crisp blouse. Do look at the Gallery for the visuals to accompany the words.


The Governess is aware that there are many, many miscreants out there who need to be disciplined and as such her doors are open from 10am Monday to Saturday. Same day bookings are available but it is advisable to call between 9:30 am – 11 am to secure a same day appointment.

Contact The Governess

Call 07756910337 (I answer my phone from 9:30 am until 5 pm) or email.

38 Comments. Leave your Comment right now:

  1. by Stuart

    Looking for domestic discipline

    • by Governess

      Well, Stuart, you have found it…now what are you waiting for?

  2. by PREM

    searching for domestic discipline mistress in andhra pradesh india

  3. by Tony

    A wonderful experience thank you.Now in seearch for pjs.

    • by Governess

      Thanks Tony.

  4. by sissy carol

    miss thank you for opening my eyes to my new life the spanking you gave me (72) and my black and sore bum as show me i must be good for you and my mistress the next stage is my chasity the first device was to big for me so mistress as orderd a cb6000 that will be here this week am told ,mistress is going out to night and aunti kelly is comeing to put me to bed after my jobs so agen thank you Miss . your sissy maid carol

  5. by Governess

    It was my pleasure sissy carol (now sissy emma I believe).

  6. Dear Mistress I am in need to be punished by the birch or cane , which ever you think will be the right one to correct me.Will you allow me to be dressed in female clothing while being punished, or what ever you decide is best for me.Can I be at your home for at least for one and half hours so that you will beable to decide if I have learnt from the punishment you have given to me can you please let me know what you think as I badly need to be punished by you who is an expert at punishing sissys like me.Sincerely yours. Big sissy angela also known as Derek.10

    • by Governess

      Angela, I have sent you an email regarding this.

  7. by Steve

    Governess, I have watched your guilt therapy video, I wish it was me saying sorry

  8. by sabine

    dear governess, curious and excited at the same time, i found your homepage by searching…the strict women out of my dreams, but you are real, fantastic and a very beautiful woman… my dream, what will happen if you are upset with my cleaning service…..

    best wishes from germany


    • by Governess

      Oh, I do get very angry when the domestic help doesn’t do a thorough job – you would find yourself in deep trouble, my girl!

      • by sabine

        governess: with shaky legs i would accept all what you have in mind for me…..please don´t release me from my duties at your house……sweet surrender to my well deserved punishment

  9. by shoba

    do u have an office @ India

    • by Governess

      No, I do not.

  10. by gpm224

    How extensive is your collection of implements for corporal punishment e.g. straps and tawses, (various weights and lengths/types?) types of slipper e.g. leather soled, rubber soled, plimsolls and do you have/use different types of cane junior school, senior school and dragon for example.
    When coming for a session do you get offered any choice as to what is applied to your bottom, prior to the session commencing? type of strap, slipper or cane and how much you will receive can you say you want 24 licks with a medium strap, moderate force and then afterwards 12 licks with tawse, followed by six of the best with a cane for example?
    What type of furniture do you have for restraining individuals in a non dungeon environment e.g. horses and benches

    • by Governess

      I have a standard split leg whipping bench, a custom made whipping trestle & a vaulting horse style bench (all with optional restraints).
      My cane collection is extensive : nursery canes, junior canes, senior canes, reformatory cane, prison cane, judicial cane, singapore judicial cane, singapore prison cane, tohiti cane and a number of dragon canes.
      I have 3 straps – prison, junior & studded.
      I have many different slippers from rubber soled plimsoll style to mules.
      I only have one tawse.
      Additionally I have a sjambok, ox pizzle, cat o nine tails, many floggers, 3 – 7 ft single tail/bullwhips, riding crops, dressage whips & dozens of homemade birches(spray & manx).

      You are welcome to let me know what sort of treatment you want to receive (severity, amount & implement) prior to the session.

  11. by paul

    Governess I am looking for severe belting would you ever possibly use the buckle end please

    • by Governess

      Can do, it will leave your backside in a mess though.

  12. by Anthony

    Thanks very much for the richly deserved spanking & slippering you gave me today. I’m very aware of my glowing bum as I type this. I’m already looking forward to my next visit.
    As well as the idea of an outdoors spanking, I’d be very interested in being dealt with at the same time as other naughty boys and/or girls. Is that something you would consider, assuming that there’s interested naughty people out there?

  13. by michael

    Would you cane me in the high heels and stockings I see in your “canining therapy” picture? Or I rather like you in the shorts in your “spanked restrained and caned” video ? Which do you prefer?

    • by Governess

      I like both outfits….in fact, I wouldn’t wear anything I didn’t enjoy wearing (hence no pics of me in rubber etc).

  14. by Rickie

    I am interested in booking a session when in the Leicester area on business.
    Would you be willing to wear trousers? I have always enjoyed being caned by women in trousers – it seems to give them a greater air of authority

  15. by gary

    Thank you for my deserved punishment today, I can honestly say for those reading this that Lady G was true aunty in role play from the minute I stepped inside It wasn’t long before she had her naughty niece (me) over her knee and gave a hand spanking that I could really feel , then after some deserved corner time she had me back over her knee and roasted my bottom with a hairbrush my bottom is still very red and sore as I am writing this and her words to me for next time is that I wont sit for a week (am going to book another session soon )

  16. by Stocking Slave Andrew

    Hi Governess,

    What do you mean you have not received my first Email?

    Frankly, I think the the guys who come to see you are wimps and pussies who can’t take a real proper caning or flogging – unlike me!

    I spent some time putting that Email together and expected a good response from someone who professes to be the ultimate in BDSM, as I am the ultimate stocking slave!

    You are missing Governess, believe me.

    Stocking Slave Andrew

    • by Governess

      Wow – such rage!

      I shall try not to lose too much sleep fretting over having missed out on you.

      • by Stocking Slave Andrew

        Hi Governess,

        Thank you for your reply.

        You are right and my anger should be dealt with by using the appropriate discipline.

        I should be summonsed by you immediately for correction.

        The photos in gallery of your website show what a desirable woman you are and you wear lovely clothes and your hair is gorgeous.

        Will you accept my apology?


        Stocking Slave Andrew.

  17. by Anthony

    I was spanked again by the governess this week. An amazing experience! Whilst over her knee I knew there was no escape and my bare bottom was at the mercy of her hairbrush for as long as she wanted it to be. I also found myself thinking about how I’d feel if the door opened and someone came in to witness my punishment.

  18. by RICHARD

    I need it too and for real ex lazy school boy never had bottom dealt with but should have

    • by peter

      Yes you need it and hard it would appear on your bare buttocks lad!

    • by Governess

      Well, I can certainly deal with your bottom!

  19. by paul

    need sound disipline but i tend to kick wriggle and clench my bottom when spanked OTK and generaly fight being spanked eg put my hands in the way ect i am a bit of a challenge was wondering how y would deal wuth boys like me before i book an appointment?

  20. by jon

    wow I would love to spend some time over your knee I haven’t been spanked for a while

    • by Governess

      Ok, well – it can be done.

  21. by em

    Tried to email you but had nothing back as I struggle with phone calls. Would like a session with you.

    • by Governess

      Could you please try to resend an email.

  22. by Will

    Could you give more detail on the differences between a light, moderate and severe domestic style paddling? Also what sort of paddle do you use?

    Many Thanks,


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