Caning therapy

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  1. by Steve

    Dear Governess
    Interest in canning therapy but not sure I could take 60′ could I just opt for 20?
    Best wishes

  2. by Jörn

    @ Steve, be a man and take it!!

    I don´t think I would like to suffer 60 cane strokes. I don´t even think I can stand it in a way that I will like it, when it happens. I would be very afraid of the pain and I would hate every second of the punishment.
    But, if I am secured to the bench, what could I do?? Punishment is punishment, it´s nothing, that the “victim” has to or can discuss with the judge and with the mistress ….

  3. by gerry

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    If you had a son or little brother who came home from school with cane marks on his bottom like when we were at school would you say he deserved it or would you go to the school and complain?.
    see you sometime in the new year.

    • by Governess

      I believe in corporal punishment, I believe it is not just beneficial but (for some people) necessary. With that in mind, I would probably punish him further for getting into such trouble & (of course) he deserved it! I would, however, expect that it had been administered with due diligence, care, consideration & restraint.

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