Headmistress Sessions

A note from Headmistress:

I went to private school in South Africa in the 80s, corporal punishment was the norm. CP was fairly usual punishment for a host of misdemeanors from uniform violations to repeat lateness to bringing the wrong gym outfit! Discipline was administered by the Headmistress usually and as a wayward girl, I spent many, many hours sitting on an uncomfortable wooden bench,in the corridor outside the Headmistress’s office, sweating and waiting for the dreaded “come”. I now have a particular fascination with the ritual of ‘Headmistress Punishment’ and enjoy recreating my experiences for errant boys and girls with specific traditional Caning, Birching and Spanking scenarios in my Office!

Headmistress Options:

30 Mins: 6 or 12 of the best

Strict roleplay only. You have been caught breaking the rules. As it is your first offense, you will be summarily disciplined with 6 or 12 of the best from the Headmistress. You will wait in the corridor outside her office until you are summoned into her inner sanctum, you will face a stern lecture and then a caning over her caning horse. Caning can be administered at different intensities: mild, moderate, severe or judicial.

1 Hour: Detention

Strict roleplay only. You find yourself being sent to the Headmistress’s office for some after school correction. You will be lectured soundly and you will be in detention for an hour during which, you may have to write out lines, stand in the corner with your nose to the wall, write an essay or other non-physical punishments.

1 Hour: Sent to Headmistress for punishment

Strict roleplay only. This is a slightly more flexible scenario than 6 of the best and can include a variety of cp implements such as tawse, ruler, slipper, hand spanking, strap, belt, birch or cane. The severity of the punishment, and indeed choice of implement, will be decided by the Headmistress based on the level of punishment and discipline the miscreant before her requires to learn a proper lesson. Punishment can be administers at different intensities: mild, moderate, severe or judicial.

1 Hour: Other CP Roleplay:

The Headmistress will consider other suitable roleplay situations if it interests her and is in keeping with her predilictions. Discuss directly with the Headmistress for more information.

Location and Information:

The Headmistress’s office is based in her private residence in Leicestershire, with easy access to the M1. The Headmistress’s office is small but authentic and equipped with; caning horse, school desk, canes, tawse, birch,paddle, strap and all the equipment one would equate with a suitably equipped disciplinarian. The Headmistress has a selection of appropriate outfits, such as victorian attire, severely suited or primly in a tight black pencil skirt and crisp blouse. Do look at the Gallery for the visuals to accompany the words.


The Headmistress is aware that there are many, many miscreants out there who need to be disciplined and as such her office doors are open from 10am – to very late Monday to Saturday and Sundays with prior arrangement. Same day bookings are rarely available and it is advisable to text between 9:30 am – 11 am to secure a same day appointment.

Contact Headmistress

Text or email is my preferred form of initial contact. You may text me Monday to Friday from 10 AM – 7 PM on  07756910337 to initiate contact.
You can also use the contact form on my contact  page.

Alternatively, an email to:
with a brief outline of your desired session is an option.

Finally, if all else fails, call me.
Text or email is my preferred method of initial contact as I am often in session and unable to take your call. If you desire to speak with me on the phone, this can be arranged via text or email.

Call 07756910337 (I answer my phone from 9:30 am until 5 pm).


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  1. by Pete

    Hi Maestra I absolutely love the latest videos that you have posted above , keep up the good work . You are one very imposing Lady . One day if I summon up enough courage and or £ I will come and visit you again . Even though when you are in session you scare the Bejabers out of me !

    • by Governess

      Thanks for the compliments.

  2. by Tono

    Do we receive punishments on bare bottom?

  3. by Pedro

    Jy is welcom is

  4. by Pedro

    Happy Birthday on Friday , I’m not worthy

    • by Governess

      Thanks Pedro.

  5. by Pete

    I would like to say thanks I really enjoyed my two visits , even though I was in excruciating pain at the time !, long may you reign over us pathetic miscreants . You are one imposing , powerful lady (in a nice way ! )

    Pathetic Pete

    • by Governess

      Thanks for the comment, Pete.

  6. by william

    Thank you for replying, Governess. I guess until such time as I get there or you come here, you’ll have to live in my fantasies.

  7. by william

    Good morning Governess.

    I LOVE your website. Do you ever travel to the States? I need to be under your charge and proerly disciplined for habitual self-gratification.

    • by Governess

      Thanks. I have not been to the States in a very long time. I may do one day again though.

  8. by william

    Good afternoon Governess,

    I LOVE your website. Do you ever travel to the States. I would love to be under your charge and properly disciplined for self-gratification

  9. by Punished Boy

    Yeah she is stunning looking and does pick her phone and responds to emails. Punished Boy.

    • by Governess

      As I said, I am pleased for you. Now…do go and spend some time concentrating on your perfect new Mistress rather than me!

  10. by Punished Boy

    Learn to reply to emails or pick up your fucking phone, you miserable cow. I have met a better looking hollywood style stunning school mistress near my hom now.

    • by Governess

      I am very pleased you have found your perfect Mistress. I am sure she will enjoy marching to the beat of your drum as and when you demand it!

  11. by Punished Boy

    Miss I have emailed you, please respond. Thanks. Punished boy

  12. by Punished Boy

    Dear head mistress. I am a 38 years old asian man but look like a boy as I keep myself fit and that way. I have a strong fetish for school punishments at the handa of lady teachers. Such as facing the wall, chair position, standing on the bench and the rest. I am interested in detention session please do get in touch and also do let me know if yoy have a classroom and the roleplay involves a real lesson such as Maths, Phsycs, Science etc. Thanks Punished Boy.

    • by Governess

      Please get in touch via email to discuss specific session requirements.

  13. by Tahereh

    Hi !
    Can you send me All of your videos , please?
    I Love you and your job
    Thank you .

    • by Governess

      Feel free to contact me via email regarding purchasing my videos.

  14. by Pansy sean

    Reading these tales only serve to reinforce my self opinion as a worthless pansy slave Governess and hearing that you birch and punish judicially with no mercy no safe words and absolutely no mercy make me tingle with self loathing and excitement as I know it is my place to be beaten beyond simple tears or screaming and to be utterly brutalised and broken for your amusement and my own good, I shall endeavour to make the trip to live my destiny soonest, many thanks for being truly real and understanding that males benefit from this level if shame and torment xxxx slave pansy sean

    • by Governess


  15. by SlaveHavi

    Hello Mistress I wish to come and see you as like you said I am nothing but a miscreant maggot who needs to be punish by a Headmistress like yourself please. It’s my dream to see what it feels like. I am a little disable will tell you when I come to see you please.hope to hear from you soon. Slavehavi

    • by Governess

      It really is best to get in touch with me via email to discuss the intricacies of a session.

  16. by Tim

    When you were caned at school in SA, were you ‘taught’ to take it properly? I mean given extra for moving or standing up etc? And is that something you do in your own role as a Headmistress, now?

    I always feel that it would be good for me, mentally, to be made to taught to take sets of six perfectly. By this, I mean that I would have to adopt a position where I was not restrained (eg touching toes or over a chair/desk) and that if I moved or made too much fuss during a six set, then it would begin again. And so on. So that it wasn’t so much that I got six, or twelve, or whatever, but that I had to demonstrate I could stay in position for a whole set of six properly before the whole punishment was considered to be done. Of course, a single set of six would not be much of a punishment. So it might be that I would need to demonstrate it with three different types of cane. Starting with six of the junior – repeated/started again until I had taken a whole six set properly, and then the same with the senior, and then with the dragon. That is was more about how i was receiving them, than how many. (Hope that makes sense).
    What do you think?

  17. by garyma2002

    Pure fantasy that school punishments were given bare bottom throughout the last century. The whole purpose of the introduction of the cane, rather than historically the birch which was given bare bottom was that it was effective through clothing because bare bottom punishments were no longer felt to be appropriate. The strap/tawse at school was normally given across the hands in Scottish schools.
    At home a punishment might well have been given across the bare or underwear by parents e.g. slipper, hairbrush, belt or strap. Often in years gone by I doubt you would have volunteered that you had been caned at school as you would have probably got a worse thrashing at home. I dare say back in the day there would have been some sore backsides after school reports had been delivered home or after parents evening.
    I expect corporal punishment was at it’s peak during Victorian times when it was spare the rod and spoil the child and that a governess would have been the deliverer of some severe thrashings with cane, birch and strap to naughty boys especially and girls in upper class homes. So the governess role is at least authentic in this regard in Victorian and Edwardian period, I have read that masturbation is the crime where punishment would have been most severe and would have resulted usually in a severe birching and application of bran or mustard poultices or bottling before or after birching.

  18. by sandra

    For that shameful list you deserved both btm and hands 12 + 6 + 6, what would you have given if you had been the headmistress

    I did hear in the 80s that South African school taught drill, were you taught to march

  19. by Sandra

    Two questions, How old were you when you were caned at school the last time. Also when you left school how many girls in your class had been caned?

    • by Governess

      I was 16…just about to turn 17 when I got my last caning. I can’t say for certain how many other girls got caned (some were more secretive than others) but I knew of at least 3 other girls who regularly joined me waiting on the bench.

      • by Ed

        Nice site, but I am intrgued what does a 17year old girl do to get the cane. On that occasion eas it hands or btm.

        • by Governess

          It was pretty easy to get caned in S.A. in the 80s. My final caning was on the bottom and for a myriad of offenses that week: truancy, smoking, dying my hair fire engine red, refusing to wear school uniform & bullying. I was given a choice, either take a caning or leave school without a ‘testimonial’ (at that time a testimonial/reference was a pretty big deal and employment/university was hard to come by without it).

          • by gerry

            Hi Goveness
            Was the canning on your bare bottom how many did you get? Was by headmaster or headmistress and did have you welt marks on your bottom ? Also did you cry and could you sit down after!!!

  20. by eddie

    thank you for your replay mistress e/mail on its way

  21. by eddie

    my i serve you in a video please mistress

    • by Governess

      Any applications to film with me should be done via email.

  22. by Ron

    In South Africa were you usually caned on the hands or backside..? I went to a mixed sex school in the UK during the late 70s but only us boys got the cane or slipper.

    • by Governess

      Hands and backside, depended on the misdemeanour and mood of the caner.

  23. by Steve

    Dear Governess,

    I’m afraid your videos on your website have stopped working.

    Best wishes

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