Judicial Punishment Session

The Punishment Officer will deliver. Whether it is Prison, Army or Reformatory – the setting lends itself to the harshest of punishments. Judicial Corporal Punishment can be administered with Cane, Prison Strap, Bull Whip or Birch. There is no safe word, no stopping before the sentence has been fully carried out and no mercy whatsoever. There will be marks, plenty of them that will last for a considerable amount of time. You will be restrained and the sentence will be carried out!


Strict roleplay only. You will recite your crimes, your fate will be decided and discipline administered immediately. You will be restrained on a suitable whipping bench, horse or post and your punishment will be delivered without mercy.

Location & Information:

The Judicial discipline rooms are based in The Governess’s private residence in Leicestershire, approx 15 mins from M1. The Governess has a selection of appropriate outfits for Judicial Punishments – do look at the Gallery for the visuals to accompany the words.


The Governess is aware that there are many, many miscreants out there who need to be disciplined and as such her doors are open from 10am Monday to Saturday. Same day bookings are rarely available and it is advisable to text between 9:30 am – 11 am to secure a same day appointment.

Contact The Governess

Text or email is my preferred form of initial contact. You may text me Monday to Friday from 10 AM – 7 PM on  07756910337 to initiate contact.
You can also use the contact form on my contact  page.

Alternatively, an email to:
with a brief outline of your desired  session is an option.

Finally, if all else fails, call me.
Text or email is my preferred method of initial contact as I am often in session and unable to take your call. If you desire to speak with me on the phone, this can be arranged via text or email.

Call 07756910337 (I answer my phone from 9:30 am until 5 pm).


73 Comments. Leave your Comment right now:

  1. by Marc

    Dear Governess, I have tried to contact you via e-mail and text without much luck. Regarding arranging a session and possible on going role play.

    What is the best way to get in contact with you?

    Kind Regards


    • by Governess

      Hello Marc,

      I am a difficult woman to get in touch with. I am surprised to hear you have not been able to get in touch with me via text, feel free to send me a text and I will take it from there.


  2. by magnus

    Hello Governess,

    i must say that You are a very intresting Woman.

    Have for long time been seeking for a very strict session with no safe word, no way out or to quit berofe time.

    i am also a masochist and have for so long time been tinking of judical punishments.

    Very very scary, but i have for so long time been seeking for this and feel that i must do this.


  3. by John

    Dear Governess
    I have been married for 15 years and have just found out that my wife has been having a affair for the last 10 years this has totally destroyed me as I love her so much.
    I do not want to divorce her and I do not have the heart to punish her myself but she needs to have a severe thrashing.
    She too does not want a divorce and is willing to except any punishment we agree to.
    I do not know if you punish ladies I hope you do.
    Could you please advise if you can help me.
    Best regards

    • by Governess

      I do punish ladies and yes, I can administer the punishment to whatever level you decide will allow you both to move on.

      • by John

        Dear governess
        My wife and I are in a difference of opinion about her punishment, we both agree that she will get half with a strap and half with the cane.
        She thinks she should get 12 of each and I think she should get an absolute minimum of 18 with each, so we have agreed to leave it up to you to decide.
        I really hope that you will decide that we are both wrong and the punishment will be a lot more for what she has done to me.
        I look forward to your decision.
        Also I would like to be there to witness her punishment I hope this is agreeable with you.
        Looking forward to booking an appointment soon
        Regards john

  4. by Sabah Mazar

    how many strokes do I deserve for hitting my parents and siblings

  5. by Paul

    Governess@thegoverness.co.uk have you ever sentenced a male to 2 judicial punishments a couple of hours apart one being carried by cane the other by bullwhip?

  6. by Jaemin

    calves caning 120 strokes
    Back Thighs caning 120 strokes
    Front Thighs caning 120 strokes
    Bastinado 120 strokes

  7. by dan

    I’m only 20 and have little cp experience what is the hardest you would give me?

  8. by Tina

    Dear Miss,

    I’ve been whipped, and less often caned, a few times and can go quite far with it. But I’ve yet to find a woman who will give me what I really crave, a really hard session that goes beyond what I think I can take, even to the point of passing out if that’s possible? Reading about judicial canings excites the hell out of me, but at the same time I’m scared of it. Yet as much as it scares me I feel really drawn to it and really want to satisfy this craving. Is it possible to have the caning so hard that the skin breaks and there is blood? And to pass out, is that possible too? Would a judicial caning mean starting again when I come round, or would that mark the end of it?

    Thank you, (Tina TV)

  9. by Poppy

    Atonement or Deterrent

    Dear Miss
    I am married to a lovely lady, but unfortunately I omitted to tell her before we got married that I am a tranny. The result is that I have caused her much unhappiness over the past 40 years. I have tried on several occasions to stop cross-dressing, including throwing out all of clothes and wigs, but I always start again.

    I am sure that a serious thrashing would act as an appropriate atonement for causing my wife so much unhappiness, but I saw little point in enduring such pain, only to start cross-dressing again. However recently I read the recollections of one of the last people to be sentenced to a caning/birching in the UK, and he stated that the pain had been such that in the 60 years since he had never again challenged authority. Do you think it possible that a really hard caning could break my cross-dressing addiction?

    Yours most respectfully


  10. by John

    Hi ma’am
    Been trying to contact you to make a booking but can’t get through on the phone and the email address on the site bounces back how can I book

    • by Governess

      You have booked with me before and neither attended nor cancelled.

  11. by Simon

    Nath, how was you judicial punishment, I am interested to hear how you got on?

  12. by Nicki

    Hello . Judicial bastinado sentences is possible ?
    Have you any experience about bastinado ?

  13. by Nath

    I’ve booked to see yourself for a judicial session. I’ve never been caned before. Part of me is worried part of me is nervous part of me is really excited. I feel like I’m actually going to court and prison (never actually been to both) I can’t wait to be put in the prison uniform handcuffed and punished. I kind of hope I don’t get too many lashes but I will do my best for you I am aware i will be marked but I need to be punished thank you ma’am for the opportunity of being punished

  14. by Jim

    Hi Miss,

    Do you offer the mustard poultice thing you mentioned in reply to someone else and can you tell me more about it please? Thanks.

  15. by Walter Sorenson

    Greetings dear lady
    I am a reasonably young man, of 26, looking for an unreasonably severe thrashing. This would certainly be at your judicial level, and should be unrelentingly hard. I don’t actually enjoy pain, truly hate it when I am being whipped, and can not wait for the beating to stop – being bound and gagged would be a requirement, unless you enjoy hearing a man weep and beg. Yet I am drawn to it, and continue to seek such treatment out. I have pathetically even taken to thrashing my own bottom with everything from wire coat hangers to electrical cords. Though I am positively straight, I have out of desperation even submitted to male doms, having them cane me very hard. This is due to the difficulty in finding any kind of female dom, and the particular difficulty of finding one that will whip me as hard as I need to be whipped. No I have not been buggered (yet); but a good thrashing half puts me in the mood to hope it will happen. This is just one more thing for me to use as justification for punishment.
    I seek regular punishment canings of the traditional 72 cuts or more. I would like this approximately once every two weeks. Would you be willing to give such a punishment at this frequency? The reason I ask is that you have a posting where you profess a hesitation at administering such a level more than once every four weeks. In the popular readings of the genre, all fantasy and fiction aside, it is suggested that old time school masters considered once a fortnight to be within the realm of safety.
    Advise me please.

    • by Governess

      You definitely should come and see me, I will administer exactly what you require!
      I have no problem administering every fortnight – but, caveat emptor – at the level you are aiming, there is a strong chance your skin will develop some permanent ‘weak spots’ … that is your decision to make.

  16. by Samantha Angelina

    My husband is in the UK from now until the end of March and I want him to receive a Judicial caning. I will send a written list of punishable offenses and you pass sentence on him and carry it out. No safe word, no mercy. Seriously damaged bare bottom and many tears. He is aware of this and wants it as well. I have always spanked him but this will get his attention that misdeeds will NEVER again be tolerated. I will also, if you agree to provide this, sent $1,500 USD’s to cover fines and court costs. Can this happen? Samantha

    • by Governess

      Hello Samantha,

      I would be delighted to administer a Judicial Caning to your husband. It would be best to discuss the required level and outcome in private though. Please email me directly.


  17. by Stripes

    Dear Governess,
    After viewing your site and the various CP options you have, I have decided to write to you. I have been receiving CP most of my adult life, some quite severe sessions. The severer sessions were usually administered with Birch, Tawse but most usually by cane. I have been thrashed by some of the harder caning ladies, including Miss Strictland, Cassie Hunter, Miss Spitefull and Mistress Valeska. Most of these thrashings were confessional type involving my confessing to my habit of masturbating daily while wearing or using female panties. What would be your recommended punishment that would at least for a while stop this “boy” from wanking ?

    • by Governess

      Hello Stripes,

      Impressive CP resume. I would recommend you receive a sound caning whilst wearing female panties – possibly accompanied with a mustard poultice to the offending appendage!


  18. by adrian

    Hi governess.
    I was looking at your website in the town today and
    Someone noticed and looked at me disapprovingly.
    They spanked me with their eyes And it made me wish you were
    spanking me for real. I went home and relieved myself.Do you think a hard caning could give me more self control.

    • by Governess

      It certainly might help!

  19. by john

    I am interested in receiving a judicial flogging for the crime driving while intoxicated. Is it possible that the flogging be administered with a traditional prison cat, as would have been done at Newgate prison in the past? How many strokes of the cat would be appropriate for this crime?

  20. by david

    I have been twice for the judicial caning and on both occasions was too cowardly to be tied down,so escaped it.
    I was shocked and humiliated by how scared I was.

    • by Governess


  21. by ken


    I am interested i a judicial strapping, i have been strapped many times but not with thr prison strap, i realise there is no safe word but how many strokes would this involve?

  22. Thankyou Governess

  23. In your comments about “punishment canings” you refer to an additional fee if blood is drawn.
    There is no reference to this in your comments on “judicial caning”.
    My interpretation is that a judicial caning is more severe and therefore more likely to draw blood.
    Can you clarify please .

    Thanks Boyd.

    • by Governess

      You are correct, a judicial caning is much more likely to draw blood. However, because of the likelihood of blood, the fee for the Judicial Caning includes the cost of a new cane.

  24. by John Pretzel

    I am visiting the UK in a few weeks. I would be interetested in seeing you for a schoolboy caning. I would anticipate a good spanking to start then 12 stokes of the cane. Can you advise if such a scenario is possible ( I imagine it is) and the time of day that would suit?

    Naughty school boy John

    • by Governess

      Please get in touch with me directly, via email, to arrange.

  25. by Jörn

    @ Dennis, what was your crime to earn 120 strokes? And please give a report about it, when you are done! Thanks

  26. by dennis

    can you please reply to my email dated 04 12 2013 I would be grateful

  27. by alex

    I am ready to take severe judicial caning not less than five hundred strokes. I am addicted to judicial

    • by Governess

      Come then – let us see what you can take!

  28. by dennis

    could you please show a video clip of judicial punishment with a cane before I come to see you to be punished

    • by Governess

      No, sadly, I will not be showing judicial video footage on my site. It is too risky with all the relevant laws pertaining to such activities (both the delivering & then publishing video of such events) – I’m afraid you will have to make your mind up based on the existing material on my site and my reputation.

      • by dennis

        I will be making an appointment to see you in January to receive my 120 strokes of the cane on my bare bottom with no mercy full force but what I would like to know his that I have to confess that due to me kicking my wifes dog down the stairs accidently and I had to bury it in the garden which I believe I should also be punished for because I have not told her are you going to increase the number of strokes and it his strange that I get excited and an erection on my penis please reply I have sent an email to you but you have not replied

        • by dennis

          please reply to my message governess

          • by Governess

            I cannot deal with you, I find what you did reprehensible. If it was just a ‘fantasy’ scenario you have tried to paint….I can understand the mistake and would urge you to find something less abhorrent to confess to. I simply can’t bear the idea of dealing with someone that kicked a dog to it’s death!

  29. by Andy

    Hi Governess,I am interested to know that when delivering a judicial caning,do you use full force,as in as hard as you possibly can? If so, do you play tennis at all,or maybe even some other arm developing pursuits?

    • by Governess

      Yes, a Judicial is full force and with no mercy. I swim, ride horses and on occasion play tennis.

      • by Andy


  30. by slave Peter

    Miss Maestro
    i know i am long over due, but i will be reporting to you in the next few weeks to confess my sins and to receive a Judicial caning. this time i will not be dictating how many strokes, this must be for your judgement, but i know i must lick and smell your feet.
    foot slave peter taxi driver

    • by Governess

      Long, long overdue. I am waiting!

  31. by Brian

    Dear Governess, I have long wanted to be beaten to tears and have asked several professional dominatrices to do so, but – despite extremely severe & bloody beatings – so far I have yet to be made to cry real tears (though I have been thrashed past the point where I am screaming for mercy). Do you think you would be able & willing to reduce me to floods of tears, or should I accept that I am just not a cryer and am unlikely to do so (no matter how much I want to)? Hope you can help.

    • by Governess

      Hello Brian, It is possible that you are just not a cryer – I couldn’t say until I had tried you out. I wonder if, in the past, you have provided the dominas with enough information about you (emotional/physical triggers etc) to make you cry? Just hitting some people hard with a stick isn’t enough – sometimes you have to really get into their head and say the things they don’t want to hear to make them cry.

  32. by k.fuller

    r u on holiday governess

  33. by naughtysteve

    Dear Governess
    For many years I have kept a secret, when I was in school my best friend then was accused of stealing books from the Headmistress office. He was sentenced to 12 of the hardest strokes of the cane the Headmistress had ever given in the school, he could not sit down for a month. Of course he was not guilty but we all know who really stole the books, Yes Governess it was me and I wish to confess now some 40 years later. Do you think this warrants a Judicial Caning Governess and if so how many strokes do you think I require and are you prepared to administer them?
    Please bare in mind my friend only received 12 strokes with his trousers still on, I expect I will be naked for my Caning Governess??

    • by Governess

      Do get in touch with me via email and I will give you my opinion on what you deserve!

  34. by Errand Steve

    For many years I have lived with the guilt of childhood sins. As a boy growing up, I discovered that under the school stage, in the storage area, I could hide and see into the girls changing room. I would volunteer for school clean up duty on the weekend, so I could go and hide there when hockey games were on. I could see the girls changing before and after the game. On other occasions, I would dress up in the games uniform from the lost property and indeed the only time I was nearly caught was when a games teacher came back mid class and I had to hide fully dressed in pleated games skirt and aertex top. I was never caught.

    Are you able to think of and deliver a suitable punishment? I would be very keen to have this addressed.

    • by Governess

      Yes, I think I could find a way to deal with your guilt effectively. Do get in touch via email & I shall provide more detail.

  35. by mike

    Just looking at your site, you seem very sexy and the sort of person I could enjoy being with, I have not been punished for ages, wife used to cane me severely……any suggestions? Am not too far from Leicester”

    • by Governess

      Other than come and see me?

  36. by slave Peter

    Today i reported before The Governess. my offence being below standard house work and not cleaning Governess Shoes to a high standard. her court found me Guilty, and i was sentenced to 24 strokes of the cane Judicial and foot smelling. i always considered my self a hardned pain slut, but once Governess administred the first stroke, i knew that i was in trouble, the cane landed with such brutality, i cursed under my breathe. While caning you are not to thank her as Governess, you must say 1 thank you Miss, while enduring such pain i messed up and said thank you Governess, this earned me a further two strokes. i sit here writing this some six hours after punishment and my ass is sore and bleeding. I want to say finally gents, be careful what you wish for, because Governess Delivers without mercy

  37. by Davey


    • by Governess

      Yes it is possible.

  38. by mahm

    Hi Mistress,

    is possible to give judicial bastinado with limits
    (no blood bleeding no injures) save word not before 25 strokes?

  39. by k.fuller

    have just received your reply will be in contact soon. k.

  40. by k.fuller

    r u away on holiday or something. would be very great full for a reply if u r interested in my quest. respectfully k

    • by Governess


  41. by williams

    Hi Governess,

    Is a judicial caning more severe than a therapeutic caning? is it likely that the sentence will be more than 60 strokes and if so, how many could it be? Can it be 100 strokes? What should i be mentally prepared for as a worst case punishment?

    • by Governess

      Yes, a Judicial Caning is much more severe than a therapeutic caning. Yes, the sentence is very likely to be more than 60 strokes (potentially up to 240). It could be 100 strokes.

  42. by k.fuller

    mistress i require a proper judicial senior birching, have had no joy in obtaining one so far could you possibly be the one to help in my quest. have visited lots of mistresses and a master but still no luck all punishments have been far to light.

    • by Governess

      I think it is entirely possible I can deliver the Birching you seem to require. Please get in touch via email to discuss further,

  43. by john

    Hi mistress i sent you an email last year . You said you could give me a forced haircut /head shave and some prison punishment . Can you still help with this. If so when can you do it. And can you do face slapping spitting also please . Thank you for your time.

    • by Governess

      Can you send me an email to refresh my memory.

  44. by luca

    Hi, i am interested in a similar video involving a female prisoner barefoot and in uniform. do you will produce a similar video?

    • by Governess

      Any video requests are best sent via email.

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