Corporal Punishment Sessions

Due to a few ‘crossed lines’ I have decided to add a new session type to my repertoire. I now offer Corporal Punishment. Many people have been in touch and requested Caning Therapy from me but don’t really want or need therapy they just want the punishment or want to punish their spouse/partner etc at the same price as I offer the therapy caning. This is not the same a Caning Therapy and in order to keep the therapy side of my service in the realms of therapy I think it is wise to distinguish between the two. A Corporal Punishment session is exactly that – you (or your spouse/partner/girlfriend etc) let me know what level of punishment you require and with what implement(s) – you may choose to tell me why you require punishment or not – and I will deliver.

The cost for this is £50 and up to a maximum of 60 strokes with any implement. Please be aware that a Corporal Punishment session is a short, sharp shock – it is harsh and is a proper punishment….not play and not roleplay. If the punishment is of a severity that is likely to draw blood – there is an additional fee of £20 to cover the cost of the cane as it can’t be used again.


Text or email is my preferred form of initial contact. You may text me Monday to Friday from 10 AM – 7 PM on  07756910337 to initiate contact.
You can also use the contact form on my contact  page.

Alternatively, an email to:
with a brief outline of your desired  session is an option.

Finally, if all else fails, call me.
Text or email is my preferred method of initial contact as I am often in session and unable to take your call. If you desire to speak with me on the phone, this can be arranged via text or email.

Call 07756910337 (I answer my phone from 9:30 am until 5 pm).


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  1. by Sissy_White pantyhose

    Hi Governess

    – Spanking caning 100 Strokes
    – F/R Thighs Caning 100 Strokes
    – Calves Caning 100 Strokes
    – Bastinado Caning 200 Strokes

    • by Sissy_White pantyhose

      I love Cane marks

  2. by Thomas

    I like six strokes of the cane, touching my toes with skirt raised across the seat of my pink Directoire Knickers. My wife has given this punishment for many years. I would appreciate messages from similar enthusiasts.

  3. by sam

    Hello Governess. do you do ginger figging with the caning?

  4. by Steve

    Hi Paul I think you have to book another appointment as it appears that the Governess has ordered you to see her for insubordination (number of strokes to be determined by the Governess I presume). Now that you have drawn her attention to my unresolved misdemeanours I may end up in the same position (literally as well as figuratively), which I suspect is your intention.

    • by Pedro

      Steve , You are full of it , man up , I did

    • by Paul Green

      I will be going back Steve and yes, I will no doubt have to pay for speaking out. I get the feeling however you are merely a spectator and like Pedro said, we have both “manned up” and been to visit the Governess – you should also.

  5. by Guilty feelings

    Having written rude comments on a lady friends facebook I’m wondering if 12 strokes on my backside might cure me of my guilt.

    If I’m unable to take all 12 in one go could I receive the remaining strokes on the following week and would the top-up fee be the full amount..?

    • by Governess


      12 strokes is a reasonable number. We could split it over two weeks, I would not charge you twice for it.


  6. by Robbie

    Hello Governess.l hope to be in the UK at some stage and would like to visit you,l am not sure whether l need caning therapy or caning punishment,l have watched your videos on the website and they are very good,you just cannot get this type of service in Dublin, it would be great if you could come over,just to finish if you could put more caning videos on the web that might help me decide what l need.

    Kind Regards

    Robbie in Dublin

    • by Governess

      Hello Robbie,

      I do sometimes visit Dublin and Belfast – however, I haven’t done so of late. I am prohibited, by law (as of Dec 2014) from producing or publishing caning and spanking clips in the UK. Which is why there are no new video clips on my site….blame the censorious government!


  7. by ken. oxfordshire

    Thank you governess i will be in contact soon.

  8. by ken. oxfordshire

    Dear governess i am looking for a strapping and caning, 12 with the prison strap followed by 36 with the cane 3 different canes 12 strokes each. i will require securing down for punishment over caning bench, would you be kind enough to deliver. Have visited you once be for for judicial birching.

    • by Governess

      Yes, I would be more than happy to deliver what you require.

  9. by ken. oxfordshire

    I have visited you once be for where you gave me 300 strokes of the birch judicial. I am thinking about another visit but i am looking for quality not quantity this time. I think 12 strokes of the prison strap and then 36 strokes of the cane of your choose, secured down at all points. Would this be classed as judicial punishment or some thing else. Please inform me of cost of appointment and if you are able to assist me in my quest. Looking for a positive reply yours. Bad boy ken.

  10. by Paul

    Three+ weeks and the marks have now gone. I’m glad I went to see the governess as I found the process challenging, stimulating and somewhat erotic. I’m sure I will go to visit her again sometime and would like to engage in some role play perhaps. One thing is for sure, I would love to strap the governess on her punishment bench and give her a good “seeing to” if you know what I mean. I suppose I should just dream on 🙂

    • by Governess

      Hell would have to freeze over three or four times first, Paul. I am resolutely a giver…not a receiver.

      • by Paul

        Hi Governess,

        I understand that you are a giver – and very good at it you are too. I was just fantasizing about what I would have done to you if your were strapped to your bench, ass bare and stuck up in the air. I’m afraid my male instincts would have taken over and I wouldn’t have needed a cane 🙂

        I will hopefully see you again in the future when you will no doubt punish me for my cheek.

        On a second note, did you ever post the photo of my caned butt in your gallery?

        Kindest regards,

        • by Steve

          I was surprised frankly Paul that the Governess didn’t order you to report straight back for further punishment for insubordination. Since the matter had obviously been overlooked I didn’t want to ‘tell tales’ and raise the issue (which might also have had adverse consequences for me!), but since you’ve now raised it I guess on your own ‘head’ be it.. It could be of course that the Governess has mellowed and decided not to follow your comments up, but you’ve now made it difficult to ignore!

          • by Paul

            Well Steve, I thought I should just clear the point up as her dominance did stir many urges at the time. On another note I haven’t seen any write up about your visit to the Governess or haven’t you plucked up enough courage yet. If not I would recommend you do – it will hurt and may push you to a point you may have never though possible, but the thrill is well worth it 🙂

          • by Steve

            You are correct Paul. The issue for me is stripes, which are going to last at least 3 weeks for most people and that will cause me difficulties most of the time.. So it’s an issue of timing more than courage, though I made an unsuccessful attempt to arrange a visit earlier this year. I do accept that I need to atone for my misdemeanors by going over the Governess’s bench as soon as is practicable..

          • by Paul Green

            Hi Steve, have you not plucked up enough courage to visit this awesome lady yet? If so let’s hear about it. If not, why not. Are you just a spectator?

        • by Governess

          Cheek is an understatement. You will most definitely be punished for such deviant thoughts of me….more so for daring to voice them out loud. Good grief! See me!

          • by Paul

            Oops, it looks like I’m in trouble!

          • by Paul Green

            We’ll it’s been a while since I saw the governess and perhaps she’s not so angry with me anymore. I will have to book a session next time I’m off work to face the music.

          • by Governess

            Yes, you will!

          • by Steve

            Thought you’d retired & let us all off the hook!

          • by Governess


          • by Steve

            Paul I made contact again but the Governess was unable to see me at that time for domestic reasons.

          • by Paul Green

            OK Steve, I was wanting to read your story as you got to read mine. I’m going to book up to see the governess again over the next couple of months as I think I’m “addicted” now.

  11. by Pascal à Fesser

    dear madam governess,
    During my childhood, I skipped school, I almost stuck a knife in the eye of my little brother. For me I think 60 strokes of the cane is little but I think I deserve double

    • by Governess

      Yes, you probably do.

      • by Pascal à Fesser

        Dear Madam Governess
        If caning must be imposed on me, as you know what would be my punishment?
        I want to say that I would have the bottom very pronounced.

        • by Governess

          That depends on so many factors, one being that I have no idea of what you want to experience?

          • by Pascal à Fesser

            Dear Madam Governess
            I certainly do not have the experience to a beating but wish is to have very marked even at full cry tears at the end buttocks. Which would be a first for me.

  12. by Steve

    Dear Governess

    I have a couple of questions please. On reading Paul’s account I note that he went over the punishment bench completely naked and that most of those on the gallery shots receiving bare bottom canings have removed all clothing, not just trousers and underwear. Obviously those who are punished through clothing do not strip, but is it normally the case that miscreants who are to be caned on our bare bums are required to strip completely before going over the bench? Secondly, I presume that a picture of the miscreants’ punished bottom will be posted on the wall of shame in due course?

    • by Governess

      Hello Steve,

      Stripping completely naked for a bare bottom caning is not mandatory. It’s more down to preference & comfort levels. If a canee is uncomfortable getting completely naked, then I would much prefer they kept their clothing on and stayed in the right mindset rather than getting all hung up on clothing.

      I shall endeavour to post said picture this very afternoon.


  13. by Paul

    I’ve just returned home after a visit to see the governess. I was a first timer to caning and after looking around a few places decided she was the lady for me. I told her I was a “virgin” to caning and she advised me just to go for it and do it sooner or later whilst my nerve held. I decided I was going to try 12 moderate stokes as I didn’t know how I would cope.

    On arrival she talked me through what would happen and that she didn’t do gentle. She asked me if I was nervous and did I want to go through with a caning. I held my nerve and followed her through to her punishment room, a dimly lit room with a whole host of restraints and devices meant to deliver cp. As soon as the door was shut the governess was in control. She told me to strip completely as “clothes were no good to her.” There I was stark naked looking at the bench. I got into position as the governess strapped me in. I felt her hand brush past my genitals as she passed the thigh straps between my legs. Ankles, calves and a back strap were secured but she said as I was a newcomer she would leave my hands free. She told me she would stop if I was struggling but to be in no doubt that I was now going to receive 12 strokes regardless. She showed me the three canes she was going to use, four strokes with each building in length, density and thickness. She brushed my ass with the first cane as she got ready to start.

    The next fifteen minutes where unforgettable. The pain was extreme. Don’t get me wrong I have a high threshold to pain but she took me to the edge of it – and a little further. She took a couple of minutes break half way through to show we a picture of the welts on my ass. I was glad of a little rest. Then she started again. Six, seven and eight were close together and I could feel she was building up the speed of each stroke. The final four strokes with the thicker cane were intense. I’m not going to lie but when I actually said those words “twelve thank-you miss” I was relieved. The governess then said that as I had done so well she was going to give me two more strokes. I said I though I was at my limit but she suggested I wasn’t. Strokes thirteen and fourteen seemed to take a while and stung like hell when they finally landed.

    After the caning I was a little light headed but was glad I’d done it. The governesses moderate strokes are what I consider to be hard, but not brutal. She’s very proficient, accurate and most importantly professional. I had an hour drive home with a stinging back-side and a hard-on! Wasn’t expecting the hard-on after the caning; not quite sure if it was the caning itself or the governess – the latter I suspect…. She is one sexy lady that makes you feel vulnerable but also safe.

    I’m sure I’ll visit her again but not for a while – at least until my ass has recovered.

    • by Governess

      Thanks for the review, Paul…you were a very brave boy and I hope you are proud of the caning you took.

      • by Paul

        The review was my pleasure. I must say the bruising after the caning took 10 days to go. Even now 12 days later I still have half a dozen stripes on my ass. The funny thing is I don’t remember too much about what happened in between apart from the sting from each stroke. The cold hands half way through on the welts was really nice at the time; I would have enjoyed more of that. I think next time I visit I would like a little more tease and a little less sting.

      • by Paul

        PS if you still have the picture of my ass you took to show me half way through the caning feel free to post it on your page if you like.

  14. by Roberto

    Hi I have always had fantasies of being restrained, perhaps even gagged and caned rather harshly. I’ve been caned before by girlfriends but I’ve always found the reality so painful that we stop after a few strokes. It’s frustrating to me. Do you have any suggestions?

  15. by Andre

    Dear Governess,

    I am a 48 year-old man from Germany who has earned on account of his behaviour to be punished very strictly. I have come to the last time often alcoholized home and have also looked over and over again porno films and, besides, have masturbated. Hence, I need a very strict and pitiless beating with the cane. I hope that me such a castigation and long visible welts on bottom and thigh again on one improve take away and I my behaviour sincerely is penitent. The castigation should shout mercilessly and thoughtfulness for mine, howl and beg for mercy are carried out. Only so I can escape from my feelings of guilt and improve my behaviour.
    Is such a thing possible with them? Then I could come in the beginning of the next year to Leicester to them to receive my deserving punishment, strapped down helplessly on the punishment bench
    Yours sincerely

    • by Governess

      Hello Andre,

      In brief, yes this is all possible. It would be best if you email me directly at to discuss your punishment in more detail.

  16. by gerry

    Do you know anyone in Essex who would caning my bare poor bottom the way you did!5

  17. by gerry

    HI Governess

    Do know anyone in Essex who would caning my bare poor bottom the way you did!

  18. by Michael

    Dear Governess,

    I have always struggled with the issue of requesting a severe punishment caning. This is based not on a fear of the punishment, but on a personal reluctance to admit my wrongdoings. I realise that I am far from perfect and recognise the fact that a harsh punishment would be beneficial. Ridiculously I think I need to be told what to do!

    Respectfully yours,

    • by Governess

      In that case, I shall make it easy! Report to me within the next fortnight and I will deal with you accordingly!

      • by Michael

        Dear Governess,

        Thank you for your reply. I certainly will be visiting you. Please can I contact you by email to discuss my punishment further?



        • by Governess

          Yes, get in touch via email.

  19. by shoba

    Can I get 10 strokes with a wooden ruler on each calves

    • by Governess

      Yes you can.

  20. by John Smith

    Dear Governess
    I am now in my seventies. For this last twenty years I have had a conscience concerning things I did while growing up. It has become an obsession. I feel that I need to own up and take a thrashing. In the cold light of day I need to be given enough with a cane that I have been made to cry and then some more strokes. I expect my pain threshold is low. Please advise me, what I should do.

    • by Governess

      Hello John,
      It sounds as though you could benefit from an encounter with me. A proper punishment is in order. Do get in touch with me via email to discuss this in more detail.

  21. by Steve

    Dear Governess

    You say a punishment caning is ‘up to’ 60 strokes. Does this depend on the seriousness of the misdemeanor being punished and if so who decides how many? What would normally be the minimum administered and would it normally be bare bum?

    • by Governess

      It does depend on the seriousness of the misdemeanor & the contrition shown. I am happy to decide what is necessary..however, if you are being punished on behalf of someone else (wife, girlfriend etc) I am happy to work with them to decide an appropriate amount. It can be delivered over clothes or on the bare.

  22. by Nina

    Dear Governess,
    I am aware that with the severity of my need for an intense and long thrashing, it’d be more of a judicial caning that I’d need, or a punishment caning – not per se for punishment – but to get this intense obsession thrashed well and truly out of me. You will realize I am female by my name. I do have the funds, and am not too far away from Leicester, living in North, UK. If this is not ok, eg being female, please let me know, as it is not clear in your website. I would like to book very soon. 🙂

    • by Governess

      Hmm, I thought I had made it clear on my site that I do punish females too (in fact I love to do so). I shall look into making it more clear.

  23. by Paul

    Restrained for 60 proper no messing strokes is exactly what I need, not leave feeling I could have had taken more, struggling after a few.

    How long does it take you to administer a full punishment caning? Do you space the strokes out or is it delivered fast without recovery time between the strokes, with the recipient probably ending up screaming?

    • by Governess

      It generally takes about 30 minutes or so for a punishment caning (assuming there is no roleplay etc). I like to deliver them hard and fast with only a few moments between each stroke. I have found that to be the most effective way of making the punishment really count!

  24. by gerry

    Hi Governess,
    All my marks have gone. in a week. lol

  25. by Richard

    My misdemeanor is that I let my cock go where it ought not to have gone. Consequently I have been instructed to come to you for punishment, but that the cane should be applied to my cock as being the most appropriate place in the circumstances. Would you be prepared to administer the 60 strokes?

    • by Governess

      I have never caned that particular area before. I will give it a go though.

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