A note from Headmistress:

I went to private school in South Africa in the 80s, corporaI punishment was the norm. CP was fairly usual punishment for a host of misdemeanors from uniform violations to repeat lateness to bringing the wrong gym outfit! Discipline was administered by the Headmistress usually and as a wayward girl, I spent many, many hours sitting on an uncomfortable wooden bench,in the corridor outside the Headmistress’s office, sweating and waiting for the dreaded “come”. I now have a particular fascination with the ritual of ‘Headmistress Punishment’ and enjoy recreating my experiences for errant boys & girls with specific traditional Caning, Birching and Spanking scenarios in my Office!

Headmistress Fees:

30 Mins: 6 or 12 of the best: £75

Strict roleplay only. You have been caught breaking the rules. As it is your first offense, you will be summarily disciplined with 6 or 12 of the best from the Headmistress. You will wait in the corridor outside her office until you are summoned into her inner sanctum, you will face a stern lecture and then a caning over her caning horse. Caning can be administered at different intensities: mild, moderate, severe or judicial.

1 Hour: Detention: £100

Strict roleplay only. You find yourself being sent to the Headmistress’s office for some after school correction. You will be lectured soundly and you will be in detention for an hour during which, you may have to write out lines, stand in the corner with your nose to the wall, write an essay or other non-physical punishments.

1 Hour: Sent to Headmistress for punishment: £120

Strict roleplay only. This is a slightly more flexible scenario than 6 of the best and can include a variety of cp implements such as tawse, ruler, slipper, hand spanking, strap, belt, birch or cane. The severity of the punishment, and indeed choice of implement, will be decided by the Headmistress based on the level of punishment and discipline the miscreant before her requires to learn a proper lesson. Punishment can be administers at diferent intensities: mild, moderate, severe or judicial.

1 Hour: Other CP Roleplay: £150

The Headmistress will consider other suitable roleplay situations if it interests her and is in keeping with her predilictions. Discuss directly with the Headmistress for more information.

Location & Information:

The Headmistress’s office is based in her private residence in Leicestershire, approx 15 mins from M1 J21. The Headmistress’s office is very authentic & equipped with caning horse,whipping bench, school desk, canes, tawse, birch,paddle, strap and all the equipment one would equate with a suitably equipped disciplinarian. The Headmistress has a selection of appropriate outfits, such as victorian attire, severely suited or primly in a tight black pencil skirt and crisp blouse. Do look at the Gallery for the visuals to accompany the words.


The Headmistress is aware that there are many, many miscreants out there who need to be disciplined and as such her office doors are open from 10am – to very late Monday to Saturday and Sundays with prior arrangement. Same day bookings are sometimes available.

Contact Headmistress

Call 07756910337 or email.

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  1. by Kevin

    Hi Headmistress,

    I am afraid I have been very disrespectful to my form mistress and she had referred me to you for some much needed discipline. She has suggested a lengthy detention with a quite onerous written imposition followed by a severe dose of the cane.

  2. by david armstrong

    HI HEADMISTRESS I would dearly love you to punish me by giving me a good slippering over your knee bare bottomed of course and then bend me over a chair for a severe caning.

  3. by dean

    Hello miss plesse may i come to see you for a good otk spanking and a good caning

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