Urgent update

Hello Everyone,

I have injured my knee quite badly last week and am now waiting to see an Orthopaedic surgeon.
I will be continuing to session, however there are a few things I simply cannot do at present. Sadly, I cannot offer OTK – over the knee sessions, I can still do over the bench or over the chair or over the bed sessions. I will not be able to wear high heels (my knee is too unstable for it). I will not be able to wear stockings or tights (my knee is far too swollen and tender to allow for it). So, if a session with me wearing flat shoes and long skirts/trousers doesn’t offend you, come and see me. Everything else remains the same.



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  1. by Andrew

    Pleased to hear you’re recovering & will try to make another appt. over winter. Looking fwd. to another OTK spanking & therapeutic caning.

  2. by Andrew

    Sorry to hear of your knee problems but pleased you’re recovering. The therapeutic canings and OTK hand spankings you deliver are brilliant. I’ll try to arrange a visit over winter.

  3. by christopher hollins

    I am hoping to go otk for a no nonsense spanking hope your knees are up to it .

  4. by Governess

    Thank you all for your kind comments.

    My knee issue is still ongoing but is slowly improving. I am able to cane well again, although I have had to change my technique quite noticeably – I am happy that it is as good as my old technique now. I am still not entirely able to do lengthy OTK but I can do up to 30 minutes OTK with no consequence to my knee. I am working hard in physio and finally able to drive and swim again – so, all speed ahead. I am still really busy with sessions (& having a life) and haven’t had the time to take on new clients. Now that winter is coming and there is much less work to do outdoors, I have a bit more spare time to take on a few more new miscreants. Get in touch, it might just be you! Text in the best form of initial contact at the moment.


    • by James


      Would you have time Monday morning for one of your no frills 15 minute sessions? An otk hand spanking finished off with a hard wooden spoon spanking?


  5. by nick

    Dear MAESTRA really hope you recover quickly you are the only TRUE FEMALE DOM IN THE UK, all us true subs wish you a speedy recovery

    nic West Yorks

  6. by Michael McCabe

    Hi governess when you are fully recovered I have now found the courage to come and visit you, for an otk bare bottom hand spanking ….?

  7. by Michael

    Hi governess how is your knee hope you are well on the road to recovery,.

  8. by Turner

    Dear Maestra,
    I was so sorry to hear of your mishap. I wish you a speedy recovery.
    Would you be interested in filming a “Leda” type beating ? You can take the skin of my backside if you so wish Ma’am .

  9. by Mike

    I do hope you’re soon feeling better Governess

    I had hoped that we would be able to make an arrangement, but email doesn’t seem to work

  10. by Michael

    Hi governes sorry to hear that, hope you recover soon, but well doñe to you for carrying on, as I need an otk bare bottom hand spanking, I will have to wait until you are fully recovered, but as I have been trying to build up the courage to visit you for 2 years, I am sure that won,t be a problem get well soon

  11. Sorry to hear about your knee hope you get better soon! although I have chatted to you for some time I have never had the courage to meet you, and as I need an otk bare bottom hand spanking it seems I will have to wait a bit longer get well soon……

    the courage to meet you????but as I was looking for an otk bare bottom spanking….

  12. by GUVPUPPET

    I don’t wish an injury like that to you, but at least it’s got me out of that severe blistering you had planned, for me daring to attempt to invoke my rules. I don’t want you to be in pain, but please take as long as you want to recover to ensure you don’t have a relapse. You know what I think of your OTK spankings as your hand is like the hammer of Thor-it was also used to bless marriages but that’s not what you use it for with me, but at least I currently feel tranquil. I’m sure that feeling will change when I get your “summons”
    Fortunately memories fade!

  13. by James


    I’ve emailed a couple of times but no reply. Keen to arrange a session.


  14. by Stuart

    So sorry to hear this, your job is to give pain not experience it. I hope the correct arrangement is soon restored. With best wishes, x

  15. by Pete

    Get well soon , please !

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